• I think I'm going to rip Rocky's bladder out and tie off his urinary track. ARGH!!!

    Okay, I realize he's sick and I realize that he has "issues", but for god's sake must we rip off our belly band and then pee on the bed? and when I kick him out of the room 'cause I'm so stinking mad at 2 am in the morning, must we pee in the hallway and on the front door rug to show our displeasure?!?

    AAAARRRRGGGGGHHH!!! Sometimes I swear that they do this just to let us know that their majesties are displeased and how dare we even think to repremand them! This is one of those times I really wish they were a little less opinionated and full of themselves.

    Sorry… it's 4 am... I've had less than 2 hours of sleep and I'm not dealing with the dog well. ARGHH!!

  • I hear you on that…Mia, the older puppy (10mo), deceided to pee all over our pillows last night around 10pm!!! this is after we already washed them the day before becasue Nike, the younger puppy(3mo) peed on them lol. I swear the have an endless reserve of pee! I seriouly own 1400$ worth of peeing machines lol.

  • It sounds like Rocky has a UTI. They are common in Fanconi dogs.

  • The first time Dallas peed on oru bed (& knock on wood so far the only time) I was so mad I wanted to pull my hair out! He looked right at me & almost did this little grin then squats & lets er flow. These dogs make you crazy but then they look at you with those big eyes & wrinkly brows like they are so sorry & couldn't imagine upsetting you that it melts the icy heart. Dallas has gotten away from a lot more screaming out of my mouth because of those damn basenji wrinkles!

  • HUGS RockysWoman 😞 I know it's hard to deal with. It's even harder for him since he can't speak & say…"hey mom I gotta go!! :eek:"

  • haha Mia keeps doing it too.. one time it was so much it soaked to the pillow and it had to be washed too.. and when she pees on the comforters… (we have two because my boyfriend is a blanket hog :)) she makes sure she gets BOTH not just one..

    quiiiite agrivating.

    rockyswoman... just stay strong.. hopefully it will get better.. good luck!

    hope you get some more sleep tonight 😃

  • Thanks everyone. I needed that.

    Talked to the vet today as Rocky is steadily getting worse (Fanconi just not progressingas slowly as we would have liked it to). He goes in tomorrow for a urinalysis and full blood work …. again. We'll see. Keeping my fingers crossed for halfway decent results...

    I just keep thanking Rocky for his time with me and for introducing me to the breed. I know that once Rocky goes, I'll be looking to BRAT for a new "B-baby".

  • I so hope for good results with you b's test.

  • i dont know what i'd do if my rocky or mia got fanconi.. and i know that rockys mom was a carrier, and his fathers no longer with us.. so he could be positive and mia..well.. i have no idea about her.. were getting both tested when they start up the blood testing again.. but i really sincerely hope that everything works out for you and that your rocky can have a happy life even though he's sick.. hopefully your situation will turn around and everything will be better than it is now! just stay strong and know that you have a HUGE support system here! and tons of people that will listen to you and your problems and fears! 🙂

  • From one Fanconi B-Mom to another ((((hugs)))) and good wishes for positive test results.

  • Thanks everyone. While I hope for the best, I'm preparing for the worst. It's a bit of a stress right now as I have to explain to my daughter (4 years old) that no, the vet can't fix Rocky. Add to this, my dh is on active duty with the National Guard and won't be home until his leave in April. Argh…

    It's hard when a dog is definatively your dog. Yes, the dh loves him dearly and can't stand the fact that this is happening (and has been happening), but Rock's always been my baby. This is the part of owning a dog that truly and utterly sucks.

  • This is the part of owning a dog that truly and utterly sucks.

    Agreed - it's heart breaking to be so helpless with this disease. Knowing that no matter what you do, eventually it will take it's toll. I just am thankful for everyday that Stormie is with me to share his basenji wisdom and wit - and to give me more gray hairs! 😉

  • I remember the advice I was given when I was so sad re the fanconis boy I had..
    someone sent me the post that, hey, the dog doesn't know its headed toward the rainbow bridge.
    I should take my clues from the dog and have as good a day as he was.
    It took a bit of doing, but yes, it was the perfect advice for me.
    I doubt your being blue around your boy like I was, but really, the dogs just enjoy each day don't they?

  • Somedays definately more than others. This morning was bad but tonight has had its good momments. It's hard not to smile when he does that play pose and boxes with his front feet on my toes. grin And the smiles… ever notice how they smile not only with their lips but with their ears and eyes too??

  • UPDATE!!!
    Talked to our vet. Rocky's blood work came back absolutely normal! yippee! happy dance ensues! However, this fantastic news is tempered with the news that his kidneys are no longer responding to ADH (anti-diuretic hormone). Therefore, we will continue to see a ten-fold increase in his urine output. This also accounts for why he pees in his sleep without realizing it. This portion of the syndrome will steadily get worse as it progresses. unfortunately.

    But the great news is that he isn't in Kidney/Renal failure yet! Yippee!! Yes, he has a chronic UTI & bladder infection (no, he does not respond to antibiotics anymore) but we're able to physically manage the urine while I'm away from the house and at night with "belly bands" and Depends pads. So life is back to "normal" for now. Rocky still wakes up happy with a smile and yodel. We have a follow-up in 30 days again to see where he stands.

    It still amazes me that a dog so sick can have "normal" bloodwork. It just re-affirms for me that lab results don't always provide the answers they are perported to.

    I'll keep you guys posted as this progresses.

  • I know you probably have tired cranberry pills to in crease the acid in the urine?
    You can get them at Costco.
    Hid in cheese, or wet dog food meat balls.

  • Rocky has issues with pills. He's very good about taking them… for about 5 days and then he goes "comatose" and just looses all interest, not only in pills, but in food and life in general. He's not a happy camper on pills. But thank you for the suggestion! I know cranberry works wonders in people!

  • How do you give him his pills?
    What do you use?

  • Rocky is an expert at finding "hidden" pills. For a while hiding them in bit's of string cheese worked, but he figured that out after the 3rd dose. We've tried hidding them in lunch meats, various cheeses, ground beef, soft treats… so far nothing has worked. So I ask him to sit and like the good boy he is, he does and lets me push the pill to the back of his tongue and he swallows it. But like I posted earlier, after about 5 days of this he goes "comatose" and just blanks out. The whole melodramatic "life is not worth living if you are going to conitue making me take pills" act.

    So we are somewhat at an impass. He had a great couple of days this weekend. He was all happy and bouncy and acting like the Rock we know and love. But Monday he started acting down again and we had another bladder flare up. He's been very lethargic of late and his muscle tone has steadily decreased. Just much more noticible of late. He eats well but his body is just not dealing well with his disease.

  • Hope things bet better all around – regardless hugs and prayers to you and Rocky.

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