I need advice, I am convinced I have the best dog in the whole entire world but my boy loves to pee on top of furniture. When I got him at 4 months, he was already potty trained and always let me know when he has to go outside. But he has had 3 accident s on top of my bed and last night he peed on the couch in front of my husband and me. Why does he do this? ?

How old is he now? I would say the 3 on the bed are "dominance" related, no accidents… and that he is saying "this bed is mine".... cure for that, no access to the bedroom. As far as the couch, could be the same, or it could be that you missed that he needed to go out... Always check first that there is no medical reason, ie: UTI

Thank you those are excellent points. He is 10 months

My male basenji did this too. He was 9 months old and he thought he was competing with my husband for dominance. He would look right at him and pee. The bed especially as he was marking his territory. Unfortunately we only broke him of it when we got him fixed.

Certainly sounds to me like he is making a statement. I have only once had a dog pee on my bed, and that was my first Basenji. She was p*ssed at me for staying out late, and I had no doubts at all that it was deliberate. The only other "deliberate" house peeing incident was my second Basenji when my husband and I were having a heated argument. She made sure she was where we wouldn't miss seeing her, and she did it very deliberately. It certainly ended our argument, which was likely her purpose!

I have to agree with making a statement, my Tri Boy Mowgli has done it a few times, once when my husband was going away for a few days on business and he saw him leave with a suit case and he knows suit case = don't see mom or dad for a few days. As soon as my husband closed the door Mowgli turned around looked straight at me and did it right on the floor, he was pissed cause his dad was leaving and wanted me to know it.

I agree with everyone here,
Oakley has a thing with my bed, always has. My breeder warned me about peeing on beds. Oakley has done it a few times in three years. He was clearly telling me that it was his bed (dominance)..he also gets super revved up when allowed on my bed and if I don't stop him he will get so worked up he trickles. Hasn't done it in awhile but I have no doubt if he got mad at me or thought I needed a reminder about who was "the boss" that he would do it to prove a point. I have heard stories from breeders and fellow basenji owners and have never had an issue with other breeds. I believe its because Basenji's always have a point to make!!

I would get the UTI ruled out of course, just to be prudent

One of my puppy owners with their first bitch puppy…. she was great "except" that within 2 days of being in the home peed on their son's bed (at the time 10yrs old..their son).... she thought it was funny the first time... I SAID "marking"... after the third time, she agreed... LOL... and blocked access to the room... and controlled the problem (and this was an experienced Basenji owner and took this to heart)... never had another problem... but made sure there was not a medical issue before hand..... ALWAYS rule out a medical problem first... and I always tell new puppy owners that when puppies are going through heavy teething... more often than not they totally forget about house training... and keep in mind with boy Basenjis... they will give you 2 seconds to figure out they need to go pee.... and then pee... been there, done that

Our female took almost 3 years to be fully potty trained. Now with my 2 year old male we are still struggling with it. They have access outside all the time through the dog door but I genuinely believe he just prefers to poop/pee inside. Especially when it rains, and we live in WA so that's a lot. I'm at my wits end but I love him so much so I keep trying to figure out how to fix it. He will pee on the couch or bed if he gets the chance but I limit access to those places and have hard surfaces in my lower floor for easy clean up. I'm starting to wonder if a litter box would be a better option since he is so stubborn about going out.

I recently got a Basenji from a friend, who couldn't keep the dog because of a divorce. He's very loving but, he pees in the house a good bit. He's peed in my daughters bed three times! We've only had him for two weeks. I have an 8 year old male King Charles Spaniel. Both were used to being "only children". He (my Basenji) will also nip at my Cavalier, so–to give him relief at night the Basenji sleeps with my daughter. We take him out every two hours at least, and today after going outside, he peed twice on our floor!! I'm slowly going insane with the constant clean up of urine!!! My Cavalier is an angel...I'm just not sure how to remedy!? Thanks for your help!!!

Are you having or near your Period? My Male became very aggressive towards my Husband and peed on the bed-my side.
He was marking his territory which was me.

As you may have read I am about to get my first Basenji pup. So I'm no expert. However with that said I live in a Penthouse in Vancouver BC. I invested in a unit that goes out on the balconey. While I'm still planning on going for daily walks ect. I am going to train my guy to use this. I've already set mine up and it's nice looking and hopefully will work. There are a lot of testimonials on Amazon mostly pro.

Loki, did your breeder litter box train the pups? Not a real fan of the porchpotty, but my pups did great with the litter box

First, get the dog tested.. he could have a urinary track infection if he is peeing. If he is marking, whole other ballgame… you might try a bellyband (or onesie taped on so he pees on self til he gets "no hiking in house").

Btw, let me add… after about 5 mos, neutering often has NO effect on marking behavior.

You should also treat ANY new dog, puppy or adult, as a puppy. Which means you either have them leashed to you, crated, or actively watching every single move. It is far easier to stop marking from starting (or any bad behavior) than correcting it once establish. You also need to go back to that when marking or other unwanted behaviors start. Sure, it's a pain in the butt, but easier than letting it become a habit then try to retrain.

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