• Just one quick question…how do i stop Chilli from peeing on our bed & her bed??

    I'd have to wash all our linen now 3 times a week. She gets taken out in the morning and she does pee. Then during the night we take her out and she doesn't pee!!! Oh almost forgot, in the car too while she's in her crate!!

    please help??

  • For me, the first step would be to NOT let her IN my bed until she stops peeing in it!!

    How old is she?
    Is this a new behavior?

  • thanks, she's only 5 months old so she's still a puppy.

    we kept her in her crate last night and today she seems to have settled and peeing outside.

  • One tip is that there is no 'she didn't pee outside'. You have to stay out with her until she pees. If she doesn't pee, she doesn't come in. It won't take very long for her to get in the habit of peeing as soon as she goes out.

    Also, pups usually have a housetraining regression between 4 and 6 months old. It usually corrects itself within two weeks.

    Good luck 🙂

  • That is true, I have found that also, seems to be during teething that they regress in potty training.

    I agree with Andrea, NO coming in till she pees… or if you do bring her in, it is for a short time then out again....

  • I agree with Andrea and Pat. No coming in until she has peed outside. I would also recommend that you keep bedroom doors shut as much as possible so she can't sneak in there and pee on the beds. One other thing, some puppies learn that peeing on the floor is bad and they will jump up on the couch or bed and pee there if they really have to "go". If that happens, take one step back in housetraining and stay outside with her every single time and praise her for relieving herself out there. Also restrict the space she is allowed in the house and keep her in the same room you are in so you can see when she needs to go out. If you are consistent, the behavior should stop soon.

  • thanks to all your suggestions. this is the second day/night now and she has peed outside. She has started to go towards the door when she needs to go to do a pee, so i've let her out..stayed with her until she does (which has been very quick, it used to take 5 or so minutes but now only 5 seconds..which is great!! She gets alot of praise when she does and she is quickly allowed back inside. Fingers crossed it stays that way!!

    Yes all bedroom & toilet doors shut..i learnt not to let her out of our sight as she is very sneaky???

    One more question which i find odd..why is there a need for her to clean up after herself after peeing on the floor or her bed??

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