• For the past week our 10 mos basenji Bruwinn us having accidents, and will spontaneous pee. One day she had just been out and did her business. She jumped on the couch and was digging at the blanket, while she was digging she was peeing at the same time. It happened two more times on the couch within 5 days. Then last night she was just "running around" during her free time in the house. It was only about half hour since she had been out. Mid walk she just started peeing all over while she was walking…we don't even think she realized she was going. Normally I would think she has a uti or bladder infection but she will go all night without an accident. She is also crated during the day. She is usually really good, no accidents. We were thinking could she have a yeast infection, or we heard that even if she is spayed she could show some signs of being in heat, but font know what they would be. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

  • I would definitely check her for any infection, to rule it out. Otherwise you are guessing. Is she drinking more than usual? Is there a lot of volume when she pees, or is it more like marking, a couple of squirts? She is becoming mature, but of course normally marking is a deliberate behaviour, not spontaneous. At night or in her crate she would not be active, so perhaps it relates in some way to physical activity. I would want my vet to look at this if it continues.

  • We are so afraid of fanconi disease. Would that develop this young?
    we did not hsve a good breeder. Never provided information on
    heritage etc.

  • It's possible to develop that young, but most are somewhat older. There is a dna test for Fanconi, and you should have that done to set your mind at rest. More info here: http://www.offa.org/dnatesting/fanconi.html

    How is your pup behaving otherwise? Is she drinking more than normal? Is she eating well? Lots of other possible reasons for the peeing. I wouldn't panic, but if it continues you might want to check with your vet.

  • 10months is really too young for Fanconi to show up… 99.9%.... however that said, do you know if the Sire/Dam were tested? If not then you would do the Fanconi DNA test. It is a cheek swab that you order (65.00) and swab the cheek and send back to OFA for the results. https://secure.offa.org/cart.html is the link to order the test.

    Also you should for sure check for UTI infection… not uncommon...

  • Aside from getting her checked for a UTI of course, I'd like to offer a second explanation of what could be causing this…perhaps it's behavior stemming from over excitement / dominance...as you do state she does this concurrently with an excited behavior (ie..digging in the couch).

    A lot of us have experience our Basenjis peeing on furniture during excitement or "spite peeing"...not that what u describe makes me think it's spiteful.

  • I have noticed my female besingi mix (18months) of age becoming more and more agressively towards me, children, and other dogs. She is very well socialized however she is becoming more dominant, wanting to nip at faces agressively when playing with dogs who too want to attack playfully at the face. However, she has become very aggressively to mommy when trying to keep her outside while I vacuum and she absolutely hates the vaccum and having the door shut closing her off from me. SHe tried to bite my arm (very agressive face with fangs out and fur up) last week and I had to use a broom in order to shut the door. Additionally, she snarls at children. Khloe and I are the only 2 in my household, so no kids and no one else. Only few friends and neighbors stop by but lately she is getting even more aggressive towards them, even if she knows them. I do not know what to do. We were kicked out of puppy training when she was 4 months old b/c she has severe leash aggression. She does work well with a clicker, but I dont always have the clicker on me. My vet today told me to come on here to see if you guys could potentially help or lead me to the right direction of contacting an animal behavioralist. He stated Khloe will only get worse if nothing is done. Additionally, I do not spank Khloe, I only use a clicker, but obviously does not show her that I am the dominant one. SHe also demands all of my time to the light up laser for hours on end and will not give up. Please help!


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