• Iam new here and to B's since i just learned that my puppy is a B mix, mostly B though. He is 5 months old we guess. He knows to go to the dog to outside to pee, but sometimes if he is playing with our other dog or even for no reason he pees alittle. Its like little pee trails through the house. It also seems like he pees frequently. But when he's in his cage he never has an accident. It seems he just wants me to take him outside. Any suggetions.

  • Has he had a vet check? He may have a UTI. It may also be that as a 5 month old puppy he just doesn't have a mature bladder. Many puppy accidents happen when they are excited like during play or greeting. They get so excited they just can't hold it.

  • Erik, My Keoki is 6.5 mos old and we had a similar problem w/him. I guess you could say we still have that problem, since he just did it again last week {ARGH!!}.

    He has always stood still and peed in one spot outside. But even as a young puppy, if he peed in the house he left a pee trail. No UTI, no other health problems. I have yet to figure it out.

    You're lucky he "pees a little". LOL Keoki left trails from one room to the next. We have hard wood floors through much of the area, and it was sometimes hard to see the pee. There'd be one of two of us, standing or crawling around, cocking our heads at different angles trying to see the pee {it gets "lost" in reflections from lights and windows}. Really, quite ridiculous!

    Our female never did this.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks, glad to hear I am not the only one. He has been to the vet and gotton all the shots and a general check up, and they said he's healthy. Just gotta keep with the training. thanks

  • My mom has a dog that did that when he was a puppy. Now that he has gotten older (2 years) he doesn't do it anymore. If he is otherwise healthy he probably just needs time. When he gets a little older and develops a little more control I bet he stops.

  • It can take at least 6 months or more till they are truely house trained.

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