• My hubby Darrel got out of his wheelchair, the first time in 8 weeks. He's got a nasty pressure sore and needed a mental health break - a few hours out of bed.

    Once out of bed and sitting in his chair beside the bed, Kipawa jumped up onto Darrel's side of the bed and peed. So, what was the peeing on Darrel's side of the bed about? I might be going way too deep on my dog psychology, but I wonder if it had something to do with Darrel finally getting back into his wheelchair. Maybe Kipawa wanted to show Darrel his displeasure in him for not being in his wheelchair for quite a while, and not doing what that other guy did? If it was a territorial marking type of thing I am just not seeing the connection. So was that pee excitement? If only I could read Kipawa?s mind.

    Interestingly enough, the day before, Kipawa and I had gone to a park. There was a guy in his wheelchair ? a paraplegic. He had his long coat Jack Russell with him and they were playing fetch. Then the guy just decided to take off and go around the pathway in the park. He was going so fast! Kipawa left the dogs he?d been playing with and went zooming to catch up to the guy. Kipawa was not interested in the Jack Russell. He was more interested in the guy wheeling so fast. He kept on looking at him.

    What do you guys think?

  • Hats off to Darrel for being able to get a respite!

    I don't know what Kipawa was thinking, but it could be as simple as smelling something that we humans can't smell? 🙂

  • Could be, but last night he peed on the bedroom floor right before bed. I had been playing a game with him right before bed (stupid me!) and it happened. But instead of thinking of the psychology behind it, or if it was because of the play, I'm making an appointment for him to have a urinalysis done to rule out a health issue. Will keep you posted.

  • I hope everyone is better at your house today!

    As for Kipawa, I'm no psychologist (doggy or otherwise), but the post-play pee does sound like excitement, and the bed peeing sounds like some sort of marking. Maybe Kipawa thinks that should be his spot and he seized the chance to claim it? (Dominance? Trying to move up in the pack?) Once, Spencer was relegated to the back seat while someone took his seat in the front of the car. As soon as the human vacated that seat, Spencer hopped right up and peed there. Random peeing is not normal behavior for him, so I knew he was sending me a message. But Kipawa might have a UTI, so I'd probably check it out, too. Let us know what you find out. And if you're curious, you could replicate the situation and see if Kipawa hops on the bed and does it again.

  • I'd be interested to hear how you got on at the vets? If it isn't a UTI, I'd think that the peeing on Darrel's bed was territorial marking. I don't allow mine in the bedrooms without supervision for that very reason!

  • I hope all are okay tonight! 🙂

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