• Share your B's quirk or the one "thing" they are adamant they must and will do (and will not compromise on).
    With my Casey, it's the walk - she must lead the walk. With my Cosmo, it's the bed - she must sleep on the bed and my presence is required. They're kinda well-behaved and they made me smile when they "insist" so I just let them be (and of course I took lots of photos).
    What about your basenjis?

  • Eating time is NOT negotiable with my B. She has her breakfast between 5:30-6am and dinner between 4-4:30pm. She has this inner biological clock and “dances” and gets very excited when it’s meal time. When DAY LIGHTS SAVINGS TIME occurs I have to stagger the eating time by 30 minutes and it takes about 2 weeks until her new time clock sets in. Lol

  • Izzy has a set bedtime in his head, about 8:00 pm if i'm not getting the bed time treat out he gets very agitated, so he starts throwing things on the floor off the tables, he used to tear my big floor plant up . so for his safety and the safety of the plant i had to cut the bottom out of a wire clothes hamper and put it over the bottom part of the plant, so he couldn't get to it. That fixed that , but he still throws things off the tables. : )

  • @kembe Resetting tummy clocks is very necessary when clocks Fall back. Not quite so important when they Spring forward !

  • Rudy insists on having his butt scratched. If I try to ignore him he just backs up until he is touching me. Sort of the same when he wants a treat.

  • Teki’s is her “witching hour “. Every day at 6 pm she starts going into crazy mode. Of course witching hour changes with DST lol

  • Prince has two -- Momma has to go with him outside for potty and we have to have our playtime time -- fetch with the ball. If I am not in the mood for fetch (rarely) he will sit in front of me and toss the ball and go get it and look at me and keep doing that until I give in. Of course, I make him do it a couple of times because l love watching him self=play fetch.

  • The never ending quest for snagging a napkin

  • Lets see... For Logan... will not go to bed until I do. Will not get out of bed until I do. Will not let anyone hook him up to a leash unless I'm there. Will not leave the house unless I'm at the front door with him. The one I really like though is when he and I are standing in the kitchen, he's standing on his hind legs with his fronts on the edge of the countertop, I step back, and then he cranes his neck backwards as far as he can while looking at me completely upside down. I had to go back to Sally's site and check his pedigree, cause I'm pretty convinced he's related to Linda Blair (The Exorcist) the way he can twist his neck any direction he wants. :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: 🧟♂

  • @jengosmonkey said in Our B's Non-Negotiable Quirks:

    I had to go back to Sally's site and check his pedigree, cause I'm pretty convinced he's related to Linda Blair (The Exorcist)

    Well well - What an excellent reason for checking on the database website !

    Jengosmonkey, thank you ! I figured very few people on the forum ever looked at it - from the lack of entries I get from here.

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