Do basenji's love or hate water??

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    Originally Posted by Shaye's Mom
    I guess the best answer to your original question is "yes" and "no" - some like it, some hate it, some can deal with it but don't love it - they are all different. Mine will play with other dogs in the water, and will run around the dog park in a pouring rain, but hates it when we walk in it for her usual walks - at least for the first twenty feet, it's a drag, literally, then she decides "better get it over with," does her stuff quickly, and heads home. Each dog is different, and sometimes, each dog is different every time…..

    Very true..I never know how Otis will be, it all depends knows, different every time..

  • Hey folks…this morning i took Duna and Pimpa ( mini pinscher) for a run on the beach. My hub got Pimpa and took her in the Duna is very fond of Pimpa and will go beserk when we pick her up, with jumping up and down to get at her little feet...anyway she didnt realize she was following hub in the water, until she couldnt touch the sand under her feet.
    Then Hub let Pimpa go and they both swam to the beach together!!! They were so cute, and Duna seemed to love that swim!!! So it was a good positive water contact day today!!! Ha-ha!!!:D

    ps...i will never know what's in that little basenjis mind!!!!:D

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    So cute. I realize you didn't get pics but those would've been great. We are goingtoth beach for a week in a few days and I will try that with our other dogs and see if Otis is obliged to follow..

  • I've only washed Jessie a couple of times to be quite honest, but I do it outside. I have her on her leash, and I get my son to feed her a steady stream of liver treats while I quickly get it done (with a hose). Not a method that would probably work in a cold climate I suppose. She doesn't seem bothered much by it at all. She will also walk by herself in the waves at the beach too, so I don't think she's a dog that hates water though.

  • :pPetra…I DID take some pics...I always take my camera with me in these when i've got some time i'll uplaod them...and i managed to take a short video where Duna is going in the sea, but changes her mind as soon as a wave covers her!!!!:D

  • @Basenjimamma:

    I ususally throw all my dogs into the shower with me as well, it is easier and I am bound to get wet anyway. The very few times I had to give Otis a bath was because he simply smelled of dead worm guts that him and the other dogs just had to roll in…

    You know the sport i was on about is called the discus throwing. Does it make sense over there???

  • First Basenji's

    My Reuger actually gets into the shower with me and the bath with my son…by choice! He will put his paws in the water but swimming is out of the question. Strange.

  • Jaycee not crazy about water Basenjimamma has great pictures on here of Otis after water not Jaycee she would be gone. The only water ours like is after wash hands and they drip going to dry them she loves those tiny tiny drops.

    Rita Jean

  • First Basenji's

    That is a crack up. Your dog is a funny one

  • Marley followed me in to the sea once. That was it. Soon as he realised he was getting wet he spanged back out and has refused to go near it since!

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