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thank you. This almost made me cry. He does look relieved. I just tear up thinking what he went through before and I don't get it because although he is high maint. to say the least, he is a love. Just a kind hearted love. How can people be so cruel?

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If he's lacking a tail, he could be a rat terrier more than a basenji.

Otherwise, no matter the breed, there are several things you can do. He hasn't really been in your home very long so it's a great time to start implementing house rules. I'd suggest a thyroid test (just to be sure things are in working order) AND I'd try a DAP. Also see if you can find a behaviorist or a good positive training class. If you were local to me, I'd suggest a friend's Realtionship Building class. Call around many more progressive training facilities are offering this type of class.

Books that I would suggest would include:
Click to Calm
Control Unleashed
Fiesty Fido
I also just finished reading Reaching the Animal Mind - great book, wonderful intro into clicker training if you haven't done it before.

I have no idea exactly where Madras, Or is, but this place looks great!
(one of the instructors was on the Control Unleashed list before it closed. very helpful, insightful person)

Just using google, I found several promising looking training centers near Madras Or. Of course you'll want to call and i'd ask to watch a class or two to see if you feel comfortable with your potential trainer.

Here's what I found that I'd look into if I were in your position.
(couldn't get a really good feel for training methods on this one, but maybe worth looking at)

Holy cow! Thank you so very much. I will look these up and the classes. I agree, I think my Reugers problems are beyond my capabilities and I need expert advice. I am very interested in this clicker training. I can't continue on this path, though. He is miserable and it breaks my heart.

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Whatever the breed, this is my advice.
Take this dog out and walk him…long time, wear him out. Every day, or even better 2 times a day..a run in the backyard won't do it. He needs to burn off anxiety.
Next, ignore the dog when he is clingy. Talk to him an a voice that says, your so silly, you need to be more independent.
No "poor" baby talk.
I would get him into a gentle obedience class. It will help him burn off energy and become more confident.
Well, that is my advice.

Hmmmmm. Good point. I am queen of the walk. My dogs don't want for energy burning, but I do poor baby talk him a lot.

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How much white does your dog have on his coat? I would think he is some sort of Terrier. Is he the same size as a Basenji or is he smaller, usually a male Basenji weighs around 24 lbs. I finally was able to see a larger picture of Reuger and there are two things I notice about his head/ears. His head looks longer and narrower than a Basenji and in some pictures his ears look like they have a point to them where a Basenji would not have this.

Perhaps he is highly inbred and not socialized. He sounds like he has not been socialized to new things and may not have even lived in a house. Could it be the doorbell or knocking that he is afraid of? Are you the only one feeding him and/or petting him? It sounds like he has developed an attachment to you and the other people in your household need to pay more attention to him. Is there another dog in your household that he hangs out with?

I have heard of this and biting in the air or fly biting is associated with epilepsy although there are a few other things that can cause it including eye problems. Are you sure he is not trying to catch small bugs? If not, I would research it. I typed in "Canines biting at the air" for a google search.

Here is a good website/page and there is a short video of a dog on it having the symptoms:

Dr. Johnson is doing a study on epilepsy. In case you did not know, he is the same doctor who is doing the study on Fanconi for Basenjis.

Wow! what a lot of info. I will research it. Thank you.
He is 23 lbs, his ears are almost pointed but not quite. He has a quite a bit of white on him, although he is mostly fawn.
Not being socialized makes a lot of sense. I do require the whole family to take part in loving him, which isn't hard because everyone loves him so much. He is very attached to us all. He gets along perfect with my other two dogs.
The being inbred makes sense too. Maybe he jsut has genuine mental problems. One thing is for sure, terrier, inbred, whatever-we love and are committed to him.
Thank you for your advice. I will follow up.

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Jaycee's dew's were cut off when she was a baby. I not sure but some of the others on here that have had B's longer could tell you but 5 is young. Loves of love and time and I am sure the afraid will go away. He loves you all ready just making sure your there to stay or that he is there to stay.

Rita Jean

Yes, love time and deep breaths

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Basenjis have their tails and most responsibly bred ones in the US have dew claws removed. Rat Terriers have their tails docked and can have a strong resemblance to basenjis since they were used in their development.

I have a question about your boy's coloring, does he have a chocolate colored nose?

He does have a chocolate nose, now that you say it. Very dark. Why the removal of dew laws? I know that the shelter said he may be mixed with a terrier, but they didn't know. The vet thought full basenji, but he couldn't tell.

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I have a rooster in the yard behind us and you haven't lived till you've seen a basenji discover that noise for the first time….priceless!

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Hey Ann. I am with you. I didn't know a thing about basenjis either. I got mine from the shelter and didn't even know what I had until the vet told me. Then I was like.. a bas-who-da-waht???? Now, I'm like proud to tell anyone on the street…he's a basenji...yep. And we should all have badges for the love we put into these strange and fabulous little friends.

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Oh…and they figured via his teeth that he is about five. Again surprising. He acts much younger. Much more puppy like.

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Yes, we did take him to the vet and he said all appeared in order. The shelter said the family surrendered him but didn't say much else. What's really odd is when we were volunteering to walk dogs at the shelter, he was very social and happy go lucky.
I think sometimes that he's afraid that we will surrender him as well….as if! Do you know if it's normal for him to not have his dew (sp?) claws and tail. It looks like everyone here has a tail. Why would they lop off his, I wonder?

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