• We have six children, ranging in age from 7 - 19 yrs. Jazzy is great with them. She follows them everywhere, tries to steal their popcorn, lets them cart her around the house, and rock her to sleep. She has never growled or shown any displeasure toward any of them or their friends. Even in play she has never even used her teeth with them –me, on the other hand, she loves to bite my arms when we play! She will play-wrestle with me more than with anyone else. But then, she also listens better to me than anyone else. Definitely my dog. Or should I say, definitely her person?

    She has no trouble accepting the "usual" kid visitors, but occasionally quietly growls at small complete strangers who want to run up to the "Little doggie" and grab at her. :o We're working on that -- but I also wish parents would teach their kids to not run up and grab doggies! If the kids give her a chance to come to them instead, she does just fine.

  • Blossom is a rescue at 3.we have had her and a male rescue for 3yrs Blossom let our 7yr old grandson do whatever he wishes and puts a stop when she wants and he has been taught to honor this.

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