• man, i have 3 b's and the male, ramsey, i swear no matter where i put him, or lock him up he can get out, i have a crate that i had to lock becuase he could get out if i didnt, i mean lock with a padlock also on that crate i had to put a piece of plywood on it with free weights. also when my female was in heat one day i put him in the basement and he climbed out the window 7 foot ceilings and im talk little basement windows. lastly there is a part of the basement where its dirt and he climbed out and got outside and it was freezing outside, when i got home he was on the porch. Does anyone else have problems with their b's escaping?

  • Bs…escaping?....Surely you jest! 😃

  • Let's see… we have to put a carabiner on Sophie's crate, she's climbed over a six foot fence several times, can open sliding glass doors, and pop open regular doors by pawing the handle and throwing herself against it.... nope, never heard of a basenji escape artist! 😉 😃

  • Basenjis escaping?? Surely you jest :rolleyes:

  • A B escaping?? Never! They would never open doors (hence baby locks), climb fences (there is those double doors), or pop the crates open (double ended locks).

  • can open sliding glass doors,

    Our girl does that, we end up leaving it open most the summer, until bugs & bees start to appear.

  • Dash will go around our fence pushing it out with his nose to find the weak spots and then escape. He also will sabbotage the leash so when we walk him it has just enough material to look like it will hold him and then it snaps and he is off like a bat out of hell. He did it this weekend. I forgot to check and we were at a gas station in Nelsonville. Thank God he comes when called.

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