• Found this site a couple of days ago. I can't wait to read through all the different threads! My name is Genia and I am owned by 2 basenjis. A 6yr old red and white boy named Cody and a 9yr old red and white girl named Aurora. I also volunteer for Basenji Rescue and Transport. I have recently been a foster mom for a couple of basenjis. I have this great arrangement with a friend who has 3 cocker spaniels that whenever one of us has to be out of town we keep the others dogs. So I have had up to 6 dogs in my house at one time. 3 basenjis and 3 cocker spaniels. I live in the Central Ohio area. GO BUCKEYES! Oh Yea, I have a husband too. 🙂 If any of you guys live in the Central Ohio area I would love to meet with you and have play dates at the local dog parks.

  • Welcome to the forum!!! Can't wait to hear more about your kids and see pictures

  • Welcome. I have a number of friends and family in various parts of Ohio. The only Cockers I have known have been extremely mellow and I'm trying to imagine Cockers and Basenjis existing together….even if only for a short while. LOL


  • Welcome to our forum! You'll find it fun.
    Pictures - we need pictures 🙂

  • Welcome and yes, we just love pictures.:D

  • What part of Ohio? Im in Cleveland here

  • Welcome…looking forward to seeing and hearing about your pups!

  • we are in Columbus. What dog parks do you go to?

  • Thanks for the warm welcome. BasenjiDiva, I am luck that the ages of the cockers and my dogs are compatable. The older ones stick together and keep the younger ones in line.

    I live in Powell, OH which is a northern suburb of Columbus. I usually take my dogs to the Alum Creek dog park, mainly because it's free, and secure. I know they are doing some renovations to the park but it is open. If any of you basenji moms and dads want to have a play date just let me know. Right now it would have to be on the weekends as it gets so dark so early, and of course it usually chilly right now.

  • yea! More people from Ohio!! We are off Sawmill Rd. Powell is very close to us. We would love a playdate. We have a 3 yr old R/W and a 3.5 yr old beagle.

  • Hi, I am paul from Michigan. I previously owned/Grew up with a Besenji and am thinking about getting another for my boys to grow up with. I have been doing a lot of resaerch and have been surprised to find out that the dog I grew up with "Seems" to be "Saint Basenji". She was never crated or Leashed, she had free roam of the house while we were at school and she never tried to run away. Is this really that unusual?????????

  • Welcome to the Forum Paul.🆒
    If I've learned anything having multiple Basenjis, It's that they're all a little different. You may have had a very well adjusted Basenji and you did everything right.

    I have a couple that I could trust fully with almost anything, and others that need a watchful eye.

    Good luck in your search for another.

  • Welcome to the forums! My neighbor down the street has English cockers who are show dogs and do agility. There is an empty lot next to their wooden fenced-in yard, and Senji always wants to go over there to torment them. 😃 Once those dogs start barking there's no stopping them! The owner gets SO mad at him for stirring up her dogs and yells at us for walking past her house. She's such a grouch! Even if I walk on the other side of the street, those dogs start barking…and I hear that woman saying "that #$%* basenji!"

  • Hey, It is not your fault she has yappy dogs, ours do not yap and the road is free, what does she think, that she owns the neighborhood. Some people, my sister's neighbor across the street wants her to get rid of her cats. She claims that they dig in her yard, gosh, all the cats in the neighborhood are roamers. She had the gaul to send the animal control to my sister's house twice, can you believe it. Some people have nothing else to do but complain.

  • @dash:

    yea! More people from Ohio!! We are off Sawmill Rd. Powell is very close to us. We would love a playdate. We have a 3 yr old R/W and a 3.5 yr old beagle.

    Jennifer. Wow, I didn't know another Basenji lived so close to me. I would love a playdate. Maybe Sat or Sun. depending on the weather. Sat might be out I just became a Great-Aunt and might have to travel to Niles, OH to see the new baby in the family. My boy is 6yrs old and is getting cabin fever. My girl is 9yrs old she doesn't "play" but loves to walk around and see/sniff new things.

  • I have school all day Saturday but Sunday is a real possibility. I will PM with our info.

  • Hello and welcome GenJMar,

    From your description my DH and I were wondering if you are the person that fostered our Bella (we got her at the beginning of August) through BRAT. Hope you enjoy the forum as much as we do.

  • Yes, I am the one who fostered Bella. How is she and your other Basenji boy doing. I would love to see some pics. I recently fostered a 11 month old tri boy named Kenya and he was adopted by my co-worker right before thanksgiving. Kenya now lives on a 20 acre horse farm with 3 other dogs and lots of horses. My co-worker had never had a basenji so its been a real experiance for her. She always telling stories about it. I love to hear her stories about how he ends up in bed with her and her husband. She has awakened in the morning with everything from a paw in her mouth to his butt on her pillow.

  • We thought that was you! Small b world :)! Bella is doing great. She is our cuddler and barooer. We have added a third b since Bella,,,,a red and white boy we got through BRAT as well,,,,he has a few issues but is adjusting well and working through them,,,,,,,no more though or my hubby will kill me. Bella is definately the boss of the three. She rough houses with the boys like a champ but will let them know when she has had enough. Im sure we will be "seeing" each other a lot on here. Oh,,,,btw,,,,,we havent figured out how to post pics on the threads but we do have one on our profile of the three "kids" if you want to check it out. Talk to you soon.

  • We are from the Cincinnati Area(Lib. townshp) to be exact! Welcome!

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