Hi all..

I am Valen from Indonesia, Batam Island.
I just adopt two Basenjis about a week.
Gandhi is brown and white, male.
Lolly is black and white, female.
They are about 14 - 15 months old (DOB later).
Later I will post their photos on "Show Off Your Dog".

Thank you,

Welcome to the forums! My martial arts instructor is originally from Indonesia, looks like a beautiful place!

Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing the pictures:D

Hi Tenji & Basi..
If you visit Indonesia, Batam Island (very near to Singapore) you are welcome to meet Gandhi & Lolly.



Welcome Valen, Gandhi and Lolly..so glad to have you here.. Can't wait to see pictures..

Welcome to the forum - anxiously awaiting the pictures. I know you will find lots of helpful information here on the Forum.

Welcome Valen, Gandhi and Lolly, hope you enjoy it here.

Welcome to you Valen and your Basenjis, it's good to hear from Indonesia. Do you have many Basenjis there? I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Hi Mamma, Shaye, Thunder & Patty..
I promise you all to upload the photos on next Monday.

Yes, we have alot Basenji in Indonesia, but the most populated dog breeds here is Rotweiller, German Shepard and Golden Retreiver.
We have almost all breeds.

Hi Valen, it's really good to have you as a part of this forum. Just like everyone else, I'm really eager to see pictures of Gandi and Lolly. We LOVE pictures on this forum!

Welcome to the forum! I love both their names, especially Lolly.

I just upload Gandhi & Lolly pics.
Sorry for 2 days delay..

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your pictures!

Welcome to the forum!!

Hi Valen,
where are the pics you have uploaded, i would love to see them πŸ™‚

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