Hi from Ohio

Hope everyone's doing well. Just picked up a one year old basenji/chi mix, Harley. I thought I would join this forum to read all about the fun quirks and tips to owning a basenji. She's a talker, loves making some cute little yodels, noises and everything in between. She's a troublemaker, I cannot leave her alone for 5 minutes without her getting into something. I have a 2yo merle chi who is her greatest friend now. My name's Ashley and I hope to meet some new people and learn a couple of things along the way.
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Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. There was a chi/basenji in TN rescue and I begged and begged for her but they had already committed to a couple in Florida. Sniff sniff... the couple drove up and got her. Your baby looks a lot like her. Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting such a great set of pics to see when I signed onto the forum!

@DebraDownSouth aww sorry you were unable to get the little one. Thank you! She definitely keeps me on my toes!

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