Hi all!

I raised basenji's when I was young and I have loved the breed all my life. Back in the day there were only three colors tan/white, black/white, and very rare tri-colored. Now as the world moves on I have a female tri 5 yrs. old and she is great.

Yay another GA member!! Welcome! We're in Atlanta and have a tri boy and a brindle girl. They love lure coursing and we are at most local trials. My bff Carrie (member name "Andrew") has two darling brindle girls in Savannah and she is often up here for coursing and shows. We hope to see you at a trial sometime! Again, Welcome!

Welcome to the forum Sidewinder! It's funny you should say the tri were rare as my first was a tri that I got in 1975 and didn't know there were other colors.:rolleyes:


welcome Sidewinder, nice to have you and your b girl onboard.
I have seen all colors now, especially since I visited Terry (another member/breeder) the other weekend and she has one in every color, very cool to see.

A big welcome to you, Sidewinder, and to your basenji girl as well. Glad to have you on board with us.

Welcome to the forum

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