• We need your prayers today…My little guy may be very sick. We started noticing some gradual weight loss and more & more frequent urination. In the last 2 weeks he suddenly started having accidents in the house. And the final symptom was behavior. He suddenly has panic attacks when he goes into his crate (he's been crate trained since a pup). At first we thought it was moving to a new place but it didn't make sense as we've been on vactaion & hotels and he never behaved this way.Besides moving to a new house nothing has changed in routine or diet.

    Last night he urinated while walking leaving a long stream of urine across the floor & I knew something was just not right. So we went to the vet today & had urine sample sent to the lab & bloodwork as well. We hope to have the full results by tomorrow afternoon.

    What we know so far:
    He's lost 4lbs since October
    No glucose in the urine
    Low gravity in the urine - 1.004
    High PH - over 10

    Besides the crate panic, weight loss, & frequent urinating he's perfectly normal. We run every morning & he plays & chases squirrels in the yard. But as you can imagine my concerns have got me so scared & worried that something might be wrong with my little guy.

  • Oh dear! Hopefully it is just a UTI. He will be in my thoughts!

  • Sending lots of positive thoughts and vibes to you and your boy

  • Sorry to hear that C3PO is sick…I'll definitely keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. I'm sorry, I know how worried you must be. 😞 😞

  • Hope everything turns out alright. 😞

  • I hope that it is just a UTI also…. hugs coming you way.... or hopefully the blood work will show something....

  • Sorry to hear C3PO is under the weather! 😞 I hope he feels better soon…

  • Do let us know what you finally find out.

  • Oh my J! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully it is a UTI and he'll be better in no time! ((Hugs)) to you all…please update us when you can.

  • (((((Hugs))))) to C3PO, we hope it is nothing serious 😞

  • Prayers and hugs for C3PO. I hope it's not too serious. What am I saying? Of COURSE it's serious…he's your BABY!

  • Any results from the blood work yet? Usually doesn't take too long….

  • Hoping C3PO gets better soon!

  • Hugs and kisses to C3PO and to you. Hope everything works out okay. 😞

  • Keep us posted… Lots of hugs and support from our B's to yours!

  • I'm so annoyed!! The stupid vet's office didn't call me with results & I left several messages to see if I could an answer today. I went out & came back to find a message to please bring him in tomorrow but NO RESULTS :mad: UUUGGH…I could scream!

    Thank you for your kind words & prayers. It helps a lot!!

  • Thoughts and prayers J.:) Keep us informed.

  • Any news today?

  • My mind is slipping today..:(

    Ok so I finally called the vet AGAIN since this was just ridiculous. I spoke to the vet directly & we went through all of the results in his bloodwork and urine analysis. Nothing came back abnormal except for PH levels. There's no protein loss that would explain the weight loss he's been experiencing. His white blood cell count came back normal which means no infection. So we're stumped…

    In October when we went for his general yearly check up the lab sent back this information with his blood work that he could have Pelger Huet Anomaly. So I've been researching this to see what this is & if it could be the problem he's experiencing. It would have been nice if someone alerted me to this in OCTOBER and not January my resluts were given by the other Vet partner in the practice. My vet was very upset about it as well.

    So we don't know why he's peeing more than usual why he's lost almost 5 lbs and why he's panicking every time he goes into his crate????

  • Personally I would change vets, they could have jeopardized your furbabies health b/c of miscommunication. Sorry, that is not good, I would change for sure. You need to get to the root of this problem, it is happening for a reason.

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