• When you leave your pet with the vet over a holiday weekend, you would never expect to return to find your dog clinging to life. That is what happened over the Labor Day weekend to my 6yo r/w basenji girl, Pud. She came into our lives when I married 6 years ago. The first time I saw her she was running thru high grass on a dairy farm. That tail bouning thru the grass..like a little fawn. She rode on my lap all the way home…quietly...and then proceeded to head for the master bedroom...like she had always been here. She was home.

    We still do not know exactly what took her life. She exhibited signs of ingesting some kind of poison...and it may have been something like Decon but we have not found any evidence in our back yard. In the end, we got to spend a long time with her...holding her and stroking her. Unlike some, my husband and I got the chance to let her know we loved her with all our heart.

    I have had a basenji in my life since I was 12 yo...and now I am 46. I know I do not want to go out and get another basenji...but I know that I am forever linked to the breed. I grieve because I had her for such a short time....and as the tears flow, I know that she is running in some field...chasing chickens and cats....and letting someone stroke her nose and belly...

    Goodbye ...my Pud.....I miss you with all my heart....


  • Oh Melissa I am so very sorry, how heartbreaking. (((((hugs))))))


  • So sorry Melissa 😞 That is terrible…..what a wonderful girl she was.....

  • Ohhhhh Melissa, my heart is breaking for you """""tears""""""

  • I am so sorry for your loss Melissa, I am so attached to my Sahara, and she is only 8mos. old. I hope you will find peace soon with her passing, another baby would probably help, but I understand how you don't know about having another Basenji, anyways take care and remember that she knew you loved her.

  • I too am so sorry for your loss Melissa. I also know what it is like to loose something so close to you. When my pup passed away I was heartbroken. Time does help in the healing process. One thing that did help me though..I just kept thinking that my pup was in a happy place now..chasing and having the time of his life. Remember the good times you spent with her and cherish those memories.

  • God that is terrible. What did the vet say or the kennel? I'm so sorry for what is happened. I hope you find out the truth. You will always have her in your heart even when you decide to bring a new basenji into your life.

    So heartbreaking.

  • That is so terribly sad. I wouldn't wish an experience like yours on anyone. Losing a pet is a hard thing to overcome. My Basenji mix that I rescued from a shelter came into my life one month after losing the best dog I thought I would ever own. Hollie has definately healed some broken hearts at my house. God bless you and I hope you find yourself another furbaby.

  • I am so sorry. I know what you're going through and can tell you the pain WILL fade and your great memories together will take its place. We had to say goodbye to our 13 year companion just this year. Brie was just over 14 and a great friend. I had to take her in and deal with the decision. I couldn't function for days. I had to take time off of work. I didn't know how I could go on and friend's comments of a puppy was NOT helping. I did NOT want a "replacement". Then I found a little Basenji who had some of the same lineage. Somehow this connection was all it took. I felt like this puppy was connected to Brie ….well the short of the story is 6 months later the pain has gone away but I still miss her. You'll always miss your Pud, but soon the pain will fade. I encourage you to consider a puppy in your future. It may be what you need to move on.

  • I am sorry for your loss and you are in my thoughts and heart.

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