• I certainly learned some time ago that Chike, is as most b's exceptionally smart. Now he has outsmarted me and I have no idea what might work.

    I take the dogs with me in the car farily often and use dog seatbelts. About two months ago Chike pops up to the front seat with me. I thought the harness had broken or accidently come undone.

    After a couple more trips with chike bounding out of his seat and being unable to find anything wrong with the harness I started paying closer attention.

    Shortly after I had buckled him in I watched him as he took the seat belt latch between his two front paws and poked the button with his nose until it came unlatched.

  • Yup… they are way to smart... that is why I use crates in the car...gggg

  • Well so much for that idea LMAO

  • We pretty much have to take her in tandem - the wife or me riding shotgun and holding her. She loves her daddy so it's usually easier if I'm holding her and the wife is driving.

  • Gee I don't have any trouble with EL D - he likes to ride shotgun (sometimes he'll stand in the space behind the front seat of my pickup and look our the window) and if nothing interesting is happening outside he'll just curl up and go to sleep until we get to wherever. 🆒

  • I use a car harness with My isZi because if I don't she wants to sit on my shoulders and it makes it very hard to drive. I have no idea why she wants on my shoulders even if I'm sitting at the desk on the computer she thinks she has to be on my shoulders. I guess because her ancestor's were carried that way?

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