I think they know my boyfriends car!

  • So I've noticed for a while that when my boyfriend pulls up into the driveway, Tayda and Lenny will get all excited and start running around. Back in Michigan I was the only one that used my driveway so it didn't seem that unusual that they'd get excited when someone pulled in.

    Now in NY, I share a driveway with several other cars, and lots of cars use my driveway to turn around (I live at the end of a dead end street). Last night, my boyfriend drove into the driveway and the dogs started jumping around and running back and forth. BUT, they don't do it when any other cars pull into the driveway! It was dark out last night, so the only thing I can figure is they can somehow tell the sound of his car from other cars…

    Just as I've been typing this 2 cars have pulled into the driveway to turn around and they could care less...

    They're so smart! 🙂

  • My guys can "smell" a friend coming… ggg Years ago Maggii and Mickii's breeder who live up the street from me would stop at my house to dump the tanks on their RV... My boy OJ, loves Ken and always knew when he pulled up.. and not by sight only... one day we were in the back yard when he started going nuts.. running around, nose stuck up in the air... and low and behold up pulls Ken in the RV....

  • My dogs all know when people they love drive up. And Gypsy {non-B} also knows when my brother, whom she hates, drives up. She'll hear his truck before I do and run and hide. [And no, I don't know why she feels that way about him.], yet when another brother drives up, she goes nuts waiting at the door for him.

  • My dogs knew my ex-boyfriend's truck. It was so sad after we split up, and Pepper (who was originally his dog) would run to the window whenever she heard a truck that sounded like his and then be so disappointed when she realized it wasn't him…..she would look for him out the window for months afterwards......she finally seemed to give up and deal with the loss....that really was the hardest part of splitting up with that boyfriend.

  • TL,

    Your B's are good judges of character, they must really love and trust your boyfriend. How great that they are so excited to see him!

  • hey tayda, where in NY are you?

  • Hey Gooby, Im in Irvington on Hudson…. where are you?

  • Newburgh-Beacon area

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