• And plane/helicopter spotting and bird watching.

    Anyone else's Basenji watch things??

    We live at the dead-end of a really quiet road and when walk to the main road, Marley will stand and watch cars as they go by and refuse to move til it's disappeared from sight!

    He also does this with planes and helicopters. As soon as he hears them then he stops what he's doing, sits down and watches them go by. Same applys to seagulls and other big birds.

    I have a daft dawg 😃

  • I have nearly 60 feet in 8 foot tall windows (glass curtain wall) for my B to watch things.

    Birds, even planes (if flying low enough), and of course people outside will intrigue his interest.

    He's a lucky B. My couch on the other hand, not so lucky.

  • On walks Buddy is only interested in other Squirrels, dogs and cats. In the house he runs from the chair near the window in the dining room to the living room couch to look out the front window when squirrels are running around.

  • Ooh, lookit the squiggle!!

    Ahem, sorry bout that, we don't get them here 🙂

  • Houston

    Otis loves looking out the window..especially at squirrels..and cars, bicyclists are not even funny, they all go nuts..and birds..and the neighborhood dogs and on and on..My favorite part, he doesn't bark like the two other dogs, thank god….!!
    Here is Otis, Gus and Luna.

    Otis and Gus.

  • Buddy's funny because when those squirrels, like the one in the picture get's near the house wall out of his sight, he'll look down at the floor to see if it's going to come through.

  • I like Buddy looking at the squirrel's that is cute. Otis very handsome looking out the window. Jaycee has always watched cars made me sad I just wondered how long before she would think (CHASE the car).

    Rita Jean

  • My previous beasties all watched/chased squirrels rabbits and such, but only Gossy watches cars, planes, and birds. There's a highway overpass near my house that I take to get to the park and Gossy likes to stand there and watch the cars pass underneath - she's particularly interested in black and red cars - not trucks just cars, and not other colors either. She'd love to chase them if she could (bad thought I know). She has followed flocks of geese and other birds though generally ignores the smaller ones like cardinals and finches. My house is also under the glide path for the county airport and Gossy will watch the planes come overhead - even follows the blinking lights of high flying jets at night! I wonder what she's thinking?

  • Houston

    Otis has a thing for trucks, and some cars. We can be out walking and he will actually tryto get closer to the trucks, like a deer, moving into the path of the vehicles. Scares the bejesus out of me , so now I have a really tight rein on him while walking on some streets. Wonder why that is, especially since he got hit by a car when he was 5 mo oldd..you'd think he would be running the other way..

  • Jaycee just don't care for cars and seems its the ones that make some know of noise. Yes I forgot her and motorcycles even since we did the ride at Harley all those bikes she really comes to life when she see's or hear's one. Need less to say we have four on our street.

    Rita Jean

  • For Cody its the Fed Ex/ UPS truck that makes it rounds through the neighborhood. He will run to the front bay window and watch it drive down the street and when its out of sight he will run out to the back yard looking for it? I often wonder what he think when he's doing that. He also loves to stare at the reflection from the light coming from his dog tag in the house. I have seen him stare at the ceiling for 1/2 hour.

  • our two basenjis will stop and watch helicopters fly over the house.

  • Jaycee has chased and looked for I will say the light off her tag. We thought first few times we seen her do it she was going crazy or something. She was the smart one we were not took us several different times to finally see what she was seeing. When sun is comming in window put your ring up there just right she will chase light from it also. The normal little penlight flashlight she will chase that is her most fun one I think.

    Rita Jean

  • Oh my - Trinity watches everything - from people to birds to cars to bugs - goes nuts over motorcycles & birds & will practically choke herself on her collar while trying to chase a passing car. Funny, I'd thought all Bs were watchers & that my Denver was just a bit different, although he will embarrass me when he does not stop staring at someone - like he's glued to the ground. Sometimes the 2 are so insistent, their leash pulling will result in a standing-on-hind-legs position & they still won't budge…

  • My first boy was a car chaser, well, anything that moved chaser, be it mechanical or biological, ok, even dead leaves blowing across the ground would catch his attention for at least a moment. Current guy doesn't really care about cars too much (unless they need muffler work). I live near an Airforce base so we have low flying planes going over all the time, he doesn't care. I also live near a highway. Last week I heard what I thought was just one of the trucks going by on the highway but the noise (thump,thump,thump) just kept going. Finally, I decided to go out front (Arleigh was out back) to try to find out what this noise was. It was coming from the neighborhood side not the highway, so I have to walk around back to see that it is a helicopter hovering about 500 ft. above the houses about a block away. What's Arleigh doing…looking up into the hickory tree into which a squirrel has run. Couldn't care less about this extremely loud hovering thing. Don't know why it was there, had no markings other than the tail numbers, and it flew directly over the back yard a couple of times only to hover again in the same spot. No reaction from Arleigh except his normal "Well you're out here, let's play!" Silly dog, the humans were all coming out of their houses to try to see what was going on and he was being....well... a Basenji.:)

  • Haha! Cute story - and yes, the dead leaves….:)

  • Yep, dead leaves, seaweed, bits of fluff, bunnies….. lol.

    He also does a meerkat pose if the grass is too long for him to see over. He'll stand stock still on his back legs just looking into the fields 😃

  • @Basenjimamma:

    Otis loves looking out the window..especially at squirrels..and cars, bicyclists are not even funny, they all go nuts..and birds..and the neighborhood dogs and on and on..My favorite part, he doesn't bark like the two other dogs, thank god….!!
    Here is Otis, Gus and Luna.

    Otis and Gus.

    cute cute! Yes, it is nice to have a couple that don't bark.

    Do y'all have hummingbirds? My B's run themselves ragged on the front porch chasing the hummingbirds from feeder to feeder. The hummingbirds dive bomb the dogs all the time and it is hilarious to watch.

  • No hummingbirds here (bit cold and too far north!) but he does have a thing for pouncing on spiders and trying to catch bluebottles and bumble bees!

  • I would love to have humming birds, if it moves mine will chase it!

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