• Congratulations!!!!! fyi–my two rescues had a very similar pattern to yours--the Dad was the alpha male and his daughter was (notice I say "was") submissive. Once she got comfortable in my house, she got tired of Dad pushing her around and turned into the basenji bitch I think she was always meant to be 🙂 She started pushing back when Tyler would push her around instead of being submissive and rolling over and showing her belly, and now he doesn't push her around as much. The rescuer who had many, many years of experience with Bs advised me to not interfere with them working out their pack order--so when Tyler would growl at Zoey--I didn't interfere. Zoey learned what irritated him, and she's pretty good about avoiding those types of confrontations (like she doesn't try to push him out of his spot next to me on the bed). And he isn't so quick to growl at her when she does something he thinks is innapproriate. Fortunately, nothing has ever gotten too out of hand with either of them--in that case, I would step in.

  • yes we try not to interfere much but can't help it when she looks at us with this big beautiful eyes and when she steps out of line we can't help coming to our first basenji's rescue…...lol

  • Congratulations! I'm so, so happy to hear about your new addition!
    Wishing you many, many, many healthy, loving, fun years with Belle!

  • Congrats on Belle!

  • Congratulations 🙂 yeah…and pics...need pics!

  • Congratulations! It sounds like they are bonding wonderfully already! Bring on the pictures!

    Anne in Tampa

  • bonding, fighting, making me nuts..lol…yes it's WONDERFUL!!!!!

  • Luzmery CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! 😃 😃 😃

  • Kudos on the new addition.
    Often the bitches run the houses…
    My girl will let my boy get away with lots of stuff...but like a MOM, once she puts her foot tooth out, the boy is into total backdown...
    This is the way it works well here.
    More stories and photos please...

  • Well Belle is starting to show signs of not taking Champs alpha behavior. She won't allow him to steal her bones (out of her mouth like he wants) and has fought back when he won't stop trying to dominate her. She will share her stuff but won't allow him to demand it from her anymore. We let them work it out and actually like seeing her give him a piece of his own medicine. Unfortunantly we are still crating her since she is not 100% potty trained and since they are still fighting we don't want to leave them out when we are now home. She doesn't like the crate and won't go in on her own even if we put the treats inside. She won't eat or drink while crated either. This morning I forgot something and ran back inside the house to find her shivering in her crate. Poor Belle but what can we do?….As for everything she is fitting in perfectly!

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