Where am I supposed to sit?

Sadie and Pokie hogging the chairs.


Well that is simple… on the floor or ground...ggg... need you really ask?

When I was visiting with Karen and Chuck (So Cal Basenji Rescue) when I went down to pick up Tyler and Zoey, we were sitting at their patio table, and one of their Bs (an elderly female they had had for years) kept staring at me and finally started scratching at my leg with her paw. I kept asking her what she wanted–and then Karen finally said--you're sitting in her chair. Ha!

That's an adorable picture

Sadie and Pokie look like they have a wonderful home 🙂

Basenji Mix

They look so comfortable! My girl Daisy will quickly hop in a warm seat when someone gets up, only to come back with her in place. When Duke is tired, I have to pick him up and quickly slide in. He won't move if he doesn't want to get up. 😃 Silly, selfish dogs!

I only have one pooch, but that scene is very familiar.

Senji loves curling up in the wicker chairs too. They're perfectly basenji-sized!

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