The Basenji Sit
First Basenji's

So I read on the BRAT page of Basenji "quirks" ( that they have a funny way of sitting. I am still absolutely tickled by the way Bowpi sits… it's too cute! I call it her "Humpty Dumpty" pose because it looks kind of silly, and it makes her look egg-shaped.

Would anyone else like to share pictures of their pups modeling "The Basenji Sit?"

First Basenji's

Haha, that's a great one – especially the expression on his face. I did have to look again to make sure I didn't really see an extra limb!

My Gossy did the basenji sit in training class one night – the instructor wanted to know what was wrong with her!

First Basenji's

Heh, my gal won't do it except on soft surfaces.

Here's another one.


First Basenji's

I love the basenji sit! In the beginning, we thought there was something wrong with Mojo- now we're used to it- but we still can't stop laughing everytime sits!!

i call it her meditation position. and i've taught her the difference between the commands 'sit' and 'meditate.' how funny that other basenjis do this.

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