Sophie On TV

Sophie was on local TV today. They didn't post the clip where she actually did her trick but if you watch this clip you can spot her in the background. She earned some free dog food coupons which we donated to the local animal shelter.

That's awsome! She's a little cutie. The reporter is very funny!

Rhonda- Helix and Tang's mom:)

How could she be in an underwhelming competition? What did she do?

Thanks for sharing. Too cute. I wish they had gotten to Sophie, we all know she was the most interesting dog there!!! 😉

She did get to be in the competition but was in a different clip then what they posted. She did a sit and a down. She also was in several of the teases for the segments because she would stand very still and stare very intently when the reporter would bark at her. I guess she thought he was funny too.

She's a TV star! Very well behaved, I wish they had shown more of her!

Very cool! That sounded like it would have been fun.

Lisa–maybe you can get the video from the TV station? Or sometimes they have it available through links on their web site?

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