• Does your B watch TV? I've seen cats watch TV - likely for the movement on the screen. None of my other dogs watched TV. But I've been observing Duke watching TV for maybe 2 minutes or more. The sounds and images of animals get his attention. I've even seen him watch commercials. His head perks up high when he sees an image of a dog! My husband pointed that out to me too. I like Animal Planet, so I think it is his favorite too. 😃

  • Abbey doesn't watch tv much, but she always runs over to examine the screen when it comes on or goes off, like What Happened? Bandit, my 16 year old ShiTzu that died, loved to watch tv, especially if he heard an ambulance or fire truck. He loved sirens! He used to roll around upside down scratching his back on the living room carpet, which my boys for some reason called Snarfling. One day he was doing this and he got suddenly very still and quiet and I thought he'd either passed away while snarfling or thrown his back out and couldn't move. No, he was watching tv upside down!

  • Thorn watch tv once even tried to get in to say hello to howling dingos. That was the only time he did it.
    Tv gets my dogs attention when puppies are crying, they look upset, but don't watch it!

  • Cali will watch tv when she is tired at the end of the night. She likes to watch the Dog Whisperer that comes on the National Geographic Channel. She barks at the tv and stares strangely at it like she wants to play with the dogs. My brother read a book about Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer) that said he grew up around Basenjis. I wonder if I can get him (Cesar) to come to my house and work with me on how to get Cali to stop barking/screaming at my neighbors and their dogs:D

  • I'm not sure yet, but I have left Animal Planet or cartoons on when I have to go away for several hours. Joey has been with us for only 2 weeks.

  • This is too funny. Trixie watches T.V. all the time. We thought it was just her. She especially watches things with dogs and she loves the animal plant !but she has actually scratched on the T.V. when there were some birds on a program. It is too funny!!!!

  • Ours like Animal Planet, Dog Whisperer and that new show Dogtown,,,,,,,,,so funny when they go to the TV,,,,,,,stand on the TV table and try to get as close as possible to check out and sniff the strange animal that is in their living room!

  • I've never had a dog that cared about TV until Keoki. He will perk up and try to find the barking dogs – looks behind the TV and the wall next to it.

  • In the morning we put on Sunrise Earth. It comes on one of the HD channels and the dogs love it. They all sit around the tv turning their heads this way and that listening to all the different sounds.

  • My male will watch TV all the time.

    THis is am episode of Americas Funniest Animals I think.

    This is the Breed All About it special on Basenjis from Animal Planet.

  • HAHA…..now THAT'S watching tv!!

    Chey never watches. Apache will every once in a while if I have on NG or AP and the animals on the screen are making alot of noise.

  • Last night Homeward Bound was on Animal Planet, and Sahara actually watched like for 10-15 minutes at a time. It was so funny, she got up a couple of times and went to the screen, one time I was in the recliner laying back and Sahara jumped up, turned around and sat on the foot piece and watched the movie, it was too cute. Homeward Bound is the movie with the 2 dogs and a cat named Sassy that get lost and find themselves back home. I love this movie, and Eight Below, Sahara loves that movie. She watches the sleigh dogs and watches them for the longest time when they are barking. I leave Animal Planet on now when I leave the house for long periods of time. I have a Dogsitting DVD and it shows all kinds of animals and sounds to attract the dog's attention. Sahara likes this too, but not as much as the movies.

  • That is too cute… the only time mine would really go nuts at the TV was when I played the videos of the puppies that we have raised... My poor OJ was sure that some wild, teeth like razor blades creature was going to come bounding out of the TV after him... gggg. He would check every place, over, under, around, for those little baby monsters!

  • Mine like the watch the Basenji breed all about it. Especially the lure coursing part. I think they hear the whir of the line, and 'tally-ho'! Also Bella will watch dog shows???

  • Baroo will sometimes watch tv if he hears a dog barking, other than that he isn't too interested. We discovered that he doesn't like us watching it when he wants attention though. One night dh and I were sat down to eat dinner and watch tv. Baroo is a horrible begger, and when we wouldn't even pay attention to him, no less give him food, he ran and jumped at the tv and hit the power button! I swear he knew exactly what he was doing! That got our attention!

  • I think I said this in another thread, the only tv Ruby will watch is when I watch a Formula 1 race…you can tell that she is actually watching the cars because her head moves as they move 😃 😃 😃 . My father thinks it is so funny because other than F1 she doesn't even act like she knows tv is on.

    Good girl, not sure which is her favourite team though! 😉

  • My previous beastie never watched TV but EL D sure likes to watch animals (any mammal or bird), especially if they are making noises. He never goes up to the TV, just sits on the couch watching with his ears cocked. He also pays attention when I play a CD by John Huling called Desert Plateaus – it has coyotes and birds in the background and it really gets EL D's attention.
    LeeL's pictures of the dogs watching are precious!

  • Last night there was a show about parrots in Australia. EL D just sat there and cocked his head this way and that. And everytime they had lots of birds making noise he really perked up. Funny because he generally ignores birds in the backyard.

  • Goober doesn't really watch tv, but he LOVES to stand in front of the cable box when i want to change the channel.

  • LOL..That could be my Gibby! He ADORES Animal Planet. When we get up in the morning I put it on until I am ready to go out for our walk and he has even picked up his food bowl and moved it in the LR in front of the TV (yes–he has seen me dine in front of the TV and mimics me). I won't even discuss the $$ spent on remotes or the fact the TV in my bedroom has been changed to "Spanish lingo" audio because I swear he is trying to change stations. B's are so smart!

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