Sophie and Rio Celebrated Their Birthday

Sophie and Rio both celebrated their birthday yesterday, Pearl Harbor Day. My girl Rally apparently thought that Pearl Harbor Day was the perfect birthday for her babies because she had both of her litters December 7th, two years apart.

Sophie celebrated by taking 4th in the Specials class at the BCONC AKC lure trial yesterday. Her mom took 2nd. Rio sat out the day because the week before she only ran about 50 yards. Both girls enjoyed a nice warm fire when we got home.

Rio is 4 years old. Sophie is 2 years old.

Happy, happy birthday girls!

Happy birthday to both girls! 🙂

Happy birthday girls! Hope many treats come your way.

Happy Birthday Sophie and Rio. Perhaps you'll get the Basenji dream gift….your very own roll of toilet paper to throw around and shred!!

Best wishes from Ty and Katie

Happy Birthday & Happy Birthday!!!

Happy "B"-Day!!!:D 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sophie and Rio!!

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