• I posted some pictures of her on another thread called puppy parents along with her pics I also posted pics of her parents, my questions is does anyone out there think she is too small? I look at pictures of everyone else's dogs and they look way bigger then Abby. She is pretty tall I think about 14" at shoulder but she only weighs 17.5-18lbs. She is muscular but I can't seem to keep weight on her. I think the highest I got her to was about 20lbs, I thought she might beef up as she got older she is almost 14 mos. I was feeding her science diet puppy in cans when she was still a young puppy up til about 10 mos., then I tried to feed her adult food, she did ok on it for a while but then she started to lose weight so she is back on the puppy food. The problem I have with that is, Missy my mixed breed is overweight and she will do anything to get the puppy food which she doesn't need. It was almost like she stoppedd eating the adult food I rarely saw or heard her eat, I don't know if she doesn't like it or what. I would greatly appreciate any feed back I can get on this. My other thought was that she was a runt. My breeder did not give me much info on her as she was an exchange for another puppy I had gotten that had health issues, but that's a whole other story I may share at a later date.

  • The standard says females should be 16" and 22 pounds. At 14", Abbey is a small basenji but from the pictures and the weights you gave she doesn't look underweight for her size.

  • i think abby looks very very sweet. what a lovely little face. 🙂

  • Lexi only weighs between 17-19lbs. She's my petite-ie!! 🙂

  • Same with Nala - she's a tiny baby!

  • Zahra is tiny too, she is only about 18 Lbs also

  • Stella is 14' and 17.5 lbs at 1 year 7 mnths i think she is small but big at heart and temper lol

  • Sugar weighs in at about 17-18 lbs-varys a bit with the seasons. She's about 15.5 inches tall.

  • Strangely, I have had at least two bitches gain a final inch in height between 1 year old and 2 years old…

    I like the girls petite, ideally....but our beautiful Bella is at least as tall as most of the boys around here...and our Luna is tiny, and light...so although the standard has a narrow range for ideal...in reality there is a wide range of "normal"

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