• :eek: I have a question about Tobias' back right hip. It looks to be a dimple, it does not bother him, he in no way favors that side, but visually it is very noticeable and I'm concerened that it might be something serious. Any info??

  • Can you send a pic?

  • Sure, I may have to send it to your personal e-mail, lets see if I have one, if not I'll take one and get it to you. It just showed up a week or so ago.

  • I have fianally learned how to do this…so here is a pic that everyone can see. Any idea on what this could be?

    It does not bother him, but it is still there after a couple of weeks, vet says x-rays are coming, but if it causes no pain or tenderness…he is unsure of what to do.

  • I am sorry I didn't get back to you about that barkless! I can't really see much…if it is just on one side, it could be a muscle knot? One time Querk had a dip like that on his thigh, and within a few days it went away. I really think if it was hip related that you would see him acting in pain, before you would see a physical change in his structure.

    I think if he was my dog, I wouldn't even worry about it until he started acting like it hurt. Because, even if it is hip dysplasia, there isn't a thing you can do about it except for adding some food supplements once he starts having some pain.

    Now if he is limping, or hopping..it might we worth it to do the xrays...but if not, I would just wait and see....hope that helps some...

  • Thank you..again! Yeah, it doesn't bother him a bit. It is kinda hard to see, just a dip at the top of his hip. I'll wait it out.:)

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