• Jack has some REALLY stinky feet. When he was sleeping next to me yesterday, everytime he moved i'd get this AWEFUL smell. At first i thought it was his breath, because he had a bath that morning, but i smelled his breath and it wasnt it. So i sniffed one of his paws and almost got sick! now i might be pregnant, but I made my hubby smell them too, and Its NOT just me, THEY are BAD!!! What can i do to get them to smell better? I tried spraying them with disinfectant Oust, but it didnt work. DO your B's have stinky paws? and What do you use to make them not stick SOOO bad??😕

  • Could be he stepped in something really bad! Try washing once a day with mild soap and water. Also a lot of dogs sweat in their paws and then start licking them compounding the stink factor. Could also be something he's eating.

  • hmm, i do give Jack a bath at least once a week and i wash his paws pretty well. and i JUST gave him a bath yesterday morning before i noticed the stink. I guess soap and water isnt strong enough, id there a stinky Paws special soap or something i can buy at the pet store? maybe?

  • We always do a wipe down when we come in from walks or potty breaks..since they can't really "take off their shoes" LOL 🙂 regular wipes seem to do the trick!

  • I'm not sure about a special soap-Dial works well, dish soap, or anything mild enough for a baby.

  • good idea!!

  • Lexi's feet smell like tostitos! lol

  • Gooby's too!

  • nobody ever mentions that basenji smell. it's very distinctive, especially when they are asleep. kind of musky, tom and I love it. its the only dog i know that smells that way. 🙂

  • Aww, man, i dont know, its not a "nice" smell, and i just CANT get rid of it, i cant even get it to be a little LESS stinky!! I dont know, but i cant stand the smell!! yuck!!

  • @Capt_Jack_our_Basenji:

    Aww, man, i dont know, its not a "nice" smell, and i just CANT get rid of it, i cant even get it to be a little LESS stinky!! I dont know, but i cant stand the smell!! yuck!!

    Even after washing Jack's feet? I have a can of "Fresh 'n Clean" that really smells good. I got it at the pet store. Maybe you can try spraying it on his feet.

    I bet that your sniffer is way more sensitive because you're pregnant though. The smell of meat made me really nausous when I was prego, among other things like smoke. Hope you and baby are doing well. When did you say you're due?

  • Remember…. dogs sweat through their feet.... and honestly... I have never had them have "stinky" feet unless they have gotten into something?

  • I have heard the feet smell is everything from Popcorn to Burnt toast!

  • LOL, it's making me laugh…when we had to put our two previous Bs to sleep after 17 years last year i used to smell their collars and leashes and cry because their smell was on them. we are so happy to have two more now, and we say "ahhhhhhh, that nice B smell". heh

  • All this talk about how theyre feet smell. My boys feet smell like corn. I
    I love the way B's smell you really get spoiled, not like when you go to a house that has a basset hound or similar oh gross!

  • Duke's feet smell like fresh cut grass, Daisy's feet smell like dirt. Well, what do you expect when one is always bare footed?

  • LOL, well today Jack got a bath with dish soap (apple smell) and i was so happy because it made them less STINKY!!! (but they still stink) I so have a stronger sense of smell, but my hubby said its pretty bad too!! so…WELL my son is due sept. 14th. We are going to name him Aiden Patrick Hayes. My pregnancy is going pretty well. I get the leg pains, headaches and OF course the heartburn can be unbearable at times!! the belly is HEAVY i LOVE to sleep on my back but i cant anymore, so its hard for me to sleep. I also get really bad heart palpitations. but my Dr says its normal. Thanks for asking tho!!

  • Less than 3 months and well . . . your life will be forever changed. Jack's feet will will hardly be a memory once you get a whiff of baby's head and breath - like heaven's scent. So happy for you both (or should I say 3?)

  • Max's feet were never stinky. But my german shepherd mix (Pepper) had stinky feet. I think it was just from sweating there. It would be so funny–Pepper would be laying down relaxing, and Max would lay down by her. Then he would sniff her feet and curl his lip (he always curled his lip like Elvis when he didn't like the smell of something--as if to say "phewie!!"). Then he would smell his feet--I really think to check and make sure they didn't stink like hers!! And he was always satisfied with the smell (or lack thereof) of his feet. I never minded Pepper's stinky feet.....that was just the way she was--even shortly after a bath. I don't think you should put any harsh type of cleanser/deodorant on the feet--because that skin between the toes is awfully delicate. In fact--I'm careful about any type of shampoo, etc., I use because B skin is so delicate.

  • Hahaha. I can just see everyone smelling their B's feet now!

    All is normal with your pregnancy then? A tip-eat smaller more frequent meals, and eat lighter foods-that should help the heartburn. With your leg pain, put your feet against a cold wall, floor, etc. Headaches? Move more slowly, when you move too quick blood rushes.

    My daughter is pregnant as well, I told her I'd rather have the four legged kind, but her's will have to do!

    She laughs at me.

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