• Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and it looks to be a great place for basenji lovers. I have a four year old male who has recently started to lick his back feet. At first I wondered about allergies, but he rarely licks the his front feet. His back feet are a different story. He has licked them to the point where they are scabbing over. He is crated during the day, so I do my best to keep him exercised. I wonder if this licking is from boredom?

    Anyone else experience this? I doubt it is a nervous condition since he seems to be very happy and relaxed.



  • My father's red and white used to lick and chew his feet…the Vet said he had fungus and they had to treat his feet all the time.

    That doesn't mean your dog has it...but I remembered Simeon and his feet problems when I read your post.

  • A quick vet check may be a good idea… if anything, it'll reassure you it's not a health issue or allergy.

    Do you provide something like a stuffed kong for him to lick at while he's crated? Stuffed FROZEN kong toys work wonders for crated dogs. the toy can be stuffed with tons of things (i.e. peanut butter, cream cheese, kibble, wet dog food, chicken, tuna, even jam a few dog biscuits in it...) it would give him something to focus on besides his back feet.

    Another way to help (if it is an anxiety/nervous behavior) is Rescue Remedy (or another Bach remedy). these are natural extracts, that work over TIME to help ease anxieties.

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