• Ah, good. I have your attention. Sorry about the unpalatable subject, but Pepper (2 year old female basenji) has just taken up the time honored sport of basenji bum licking with Mister Two Dicks (4 1/2 year old male basenji). Don't get me wrong, Mister Two Dicks doesn't have an issue with this, as if we let them they would be doing this for hours, she there with her tongue in his anus, him with a strange look of pleasure (I guess) on his face. Has anyone else had this problem? Is it a case of a trip to the vet for some anal problem? Mister Two Dicks has no discharge that I can see or smell.

  • Wow! I can't speak to the excessive grooming, but it sounds like your Pepper is settling in. I haven't heard anything about her since you were having trouble with her nipping and growling. How's that going?

    You might try putting some bitter apple on Mister's backside….it's all I can come up with.

  • 😃 I'm sorry but youre post realy gave me a giggle the way you have described it.
    Seriously though maybe it could be a problem with his anal glands .

  • Hi AJs Human,
    Pepper has settled in really well, except for the occasional growls at my gf. Whenever she does that, I growl back at her and Mister Two Dicks heads for the back door. I have had to take Mister Two Dicks to the chiropractor about 6 times now. They get along very well, except occasionally Pepper likes to hide in ambush and when Mr Two Dicks walks past she jumps him from a great height. This causes him to throw his back out. Well, she thinks it is funny. I am a little wary to use bitter apple or anything like that as it would stop him from grooming himself also. I am concerned that it might be worms, but if you see how fat he is, they must be anorexic worms.

    Hi Shelley,
    I thought I could be serious about the situation or humorous. Life is too short. If he had a problem with his anal glands, wouldn't he have a discharge or smell?


  • There would not be a discharge or smell if she was keeping him clean.
    Try adding some canned pumpkin to the dogs food, it acts to help him push
    the food out, cleaning the glans.
    I have to ask..why "My two Dicks"? That is, why this name?

  • And there may not be a smell if it is his glands, especially if there is an infected gland that could be getting ready to break open.. and that is a real mess

  • Hi Sharronhurlbut,
    Thanks for the advice.
    When I went to pick up Mister Two Dicks from the breeder, the first thing that I noticed was his protruding stomach hernia which made him look like he had two dicks. When I went to register him at our local council, they accepted "Mister Two Dicks" as a register-able name, so the name stuck. However, I do shorten the name to "Mister" when my 4 year old granddaughter is around.:D He was the runt of the litter and has a number of deformities. His front feet are turned in, so when he runs, he looks like he is knitting a jumper. It looks funny, but when you get used to it, it really looks like he is prancing as he is knitting a jumper. He must have stopped growing at some stage, as Pepper is two years younger than he is, but is much taller and longer than he is. They are both the same weight, but he looks like a fat nugget and she looks like a basenji's version of Olive Oil.

  • @tanza:

    And there may not be a smell if it is his glands, especially if there is an infected gland that could be getting ready to break open.. and that is a real mess

    Hi Tanza,
    Thanks for the advice. I have just given both dogs worming tablets and waiting to see the result. If that doesn't work, I will take him to the vet. 😞

  • Thanks for explaining the name..it does make sense. My friends e-mail name is dustybutts.
    I asked her about that, she said, she went camping a lot and always sat on the ground.
    So, she had a "dusty butt"..
    That is probably too much information…laugh.
    I would get your dog to the vet to have his anal glands checked.
    The other b knows something isn't right..I think.

  • Hi Sharron,
    Yes, I think I will have to bite the bullet and take him. Your friend seems like a character.

  • @pari1art:

    Hi Sharron,
    Yes, I think I will have to bite the bullet and take him. Your friend seems like a character.

    Who's the "character", thread-starter?

    Anyway, my first fella, not having anyone else around to "lick his bum", would periodically get to rubbiing it himself upon whatever surface he was around, carpet, grass, concrete, asphalt. At first, I didn't know what the problem might be and mentioned it to my vet when I took him in for a regular check. That's when I found out about those 'lovely' glands. She drained them…ick. And even gave me a paper describing how to do it myself, if I wanted, NOT. Luckily, with that guy, it didn't get too bad but for a couple times a year and a quick trip to the vets office took care of it. He has since passed and new guy has no such problem.....yet. BTW: steam cleaner for carpet, priceless.:D

  • My Petey's glands got so badly impacted and infected so often that we finally had them removed.

    They used to get so infected and swollen that they almost looked like they turned inside out. My mom used to say they looked like giant blueberries.
    Needless to say I got very good at emptying, and very good at flushing them with a curved tipped syringe and chlorhexidine solution.

    Even with the anal glands removed, Petey will still sometimes scoot. I think he just got used to it, and likes how it feels. 🙂

    When they aren't impacted, it isn't hard to empty them yourself. Just be sure to wear crappy clothes in case you miss catching it with the paper towel.


  • As other people have said, there wont neccasarily be a smell, i took Benji for a dental once, never noticing his anal glands were full. It was only when they had him on the table to operate that the vet noticed. So he had a top to tail treatment 😃
    Hope you go on ok with Mister. Pepper sounds a right madam, poor chap being jumped on 😞

  • Nicole….HAHAHAHA..."crappy clothes if you miss"............

  • Thank you everyone for your advice. I gave Pepper and Mister Two Dicks some worming tablets shortly after my last posting. It seemed to work. No more tongue in bum action. Until tonight. Pepper has been following Mister Two Dicks around and the moment he stands still, her tongue darts in. And this is from a dog that can at times be very vicious to Mister Two Dicks whenever a morsel of food is at stake. I am just in the middle of renovating my house, so it has come at not the best time. So many things to do, so little time to do it in.

  • Not a vet, so double check me, but I believe you need to deworm for 3 to 4 rounds, 2 weeks apart. Dewormores kill the adults, but not the eggs, so you give a few rounds to kill off new worms as they hatch, but before they mature enough to lay eggs of their own.

    Also, you may want your vet to check a fecal to be sure the drug you are giving is the right one for the worms he may have.

    You should probably deworm them both.


  • Thanks Nicole for the advice. Will give it a go.

  • And, if they are eating moles, mice, voles, etc. They may need a regular round of the meds.

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