Sappy pine tree. Basenji feet?

  • We have a weepy pine tree in the dogs yard. One came in this evening and was acting. Ery upset, limping shaking feet, licking chest. Checked her out and she had a bunch of pine sap, between toes, chest and arm pit. We used goo gone labled ok for people and pets. But immediately after getting it all off gave her a bath. So all is well. However i would like some input on other safe removers. This happened once before with another basenji, on the show grounds and darn near missed ring time getting enough off of her paws so she wouldn't limp. I need something to put in their away from home kit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. ‘

  • I once had a dog who walked through a newly tarred road. I soaked his feet in a bowl of vegetable oil and it took the tar off like magic, maybe it would work on pine sap.

  • We were staying at a Travel Lodge with four Basenjis the night before a show. Last thing at night we took them out and two of them came back sticky with pine juice. Tried everything - wet wipes, motel soap, everything from our dog-bags. Nothing shifted it.

    At the show next morning, someone said 'Ketchup !'

    This is not something I normally carry in my handbag or in the dog-bag but a quick trip to the restaurant marquee produced a couple of sachets.

    Magic ! Tomato ketchup became a staple of my dog show accessories from then on.

    We soon had four immaculate Basenjis after removing the sauce. They smelled like a Fish and Chip Shop but no matter, they were clean !

  • @zande said in Sappy pine tree. Basenji feet?:

    They smelled like a Fish and Chip Shop but no matter, they were clean !


    Good tip, must remember that.

  • Thank you so much. These days we must expect a rush for tomato ketchup and cooking oil. But seriously the oil sound like a great idea. As i write our girl found a tiny bit of pine on her carpal pad. I found it and place a pad soaked in oil and hubby held it on for bit. Indeed it did loosen a gob of it but there was a smidgen left. Once she discovered oil she licked the residue of both oil and pine sap. Thanks to all who responded. Joan

  • @zande Wow ketchup actually worked. Max had some tar on his paws that I hadn’t been able to get off for a few days. Really don’t think that would work.

  • I'm sorry - I laughed when I applied ketchup all those years ago, and your post had me in fits of hilarious memories ! What we learn as we live with Basenjis !

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