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@dreamskape I haven't seen any, but it has been an exceptionally wet season. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks!

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@debradownsouth Good idea, thanks! I-d just been towling them off, and it sure wasn't satisfactory to him

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Good to know! First experience with the breed 🙂

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Hey Basenji lovers,

My new adopted mutt appears to be a basenji mix (dna test pending, but he sure has the look & many of the characteristics).

One thing I've noticed is that he's absolutely OBSESSED with cleaning his feet. He probably does it 5 times a day, getting the dirt out from underneath every individual nail.

At first I thought allergies, infection, anxiety, but the vet couldn't identify any definitive medical problems, and he isn't causing damage the way I've seen anxiety-induced foot chewing result in.

So now I'm wondering-- could this be a breed thing? Anyone else experience this behavior?

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