• We're picking up our adopted Basenji in a few weeks. She's a four year old weighing 21 pounds. Has anyone had experience with this particular dog crate?

    PET GEAR The Other Door Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate & Fleece Pad

  • It looks very expensive ! Why not get a simple wire folding one (they come with two doors too) ? Then is is folded away when not in use. As long as she can see all around her - i.e.NOT a Verikennel type - she will be OK. Save money to spend on toys !

  • @lsteffens223 - Is this crate for in the house or travel? In the house I use a bigger crate 33 Long, 24 High, 22 Wide straight wire crate. For travel I use the next size down. And I always cover the crate making like a den leaving the front (were the door is) open.

  • Thanks for the helpful comments! I'm going to be using the crate for minimal travel, and mostly in the house.

  • @lsteffens223 - In my opinion you need different crates for travel and for home use. For travel you only need a smaller crate but at home a bigger one...

  • Definitely a bigger one such as @tanza described for the house. If you must use a crate indoors, the bigger the better. Space to move and stretch, stand up and lie flat out. But in the car you can use something smaller, especially if it is for minimal distances

  • You're adopting a four year old dog. Do you know her background and whether she is used to being crated? If she is, would it be possible to acquire the crate she is familiar with? Might help with the transition.

  • @lsteffens223

    A fool's advice:

    That crate will NOT hold your basenji. Ours is 11 months now. While recently travelling, we left our Sanji in a plastic crate (that we use for travel) while we ate lunch. He got out of it (unbelievable) and chewed up the steering wheel in frustration because he couldn't get out of the car.

    As others have suggested, a simple wire crate is optimal.
    I just ordered a smaller and stronger one (24" long) to replace the plastic one. It's like the wire crate we use inside (30" long) but has even better latches (bent ends that he cannot finagle open) and two doors for configuration options and convince inside a car (see link below).

    Also, until he settles down, NEVER put any kind of pad or anything he can chew up and choke on inside the crate. Out of frustration, a basenji will rip up anything in the crate (which may change at age 2-3 I'm told).

    As suggested, its good to randomly crate during the day for 20-min, up to an hour or longer as training progresses. We feed him little dried pieces of salmon (his fav) when inside with the door open during dinner. Say "crate" these days and he jumps in (but he still hated getting inside the crate in the car cause he knows that means we'll leave him there for a while...got more training work on that to do.)

    Since I began getting advice from the very experienced people on this site (those who have already replied), I've come to agree that sleeping with your baseji at night rather than making him sleep in the crate is best -- unless the crate is (a) in your bedroom and (b) and level with your bed. Instead of using the crate at night, we purchased a doggy bed with a canopy. We just put on the bed and he loves getting in every night.

    Wire crate with two bent latches each door

    plastic crate photo https://photos.app.goo.gl/fHdXd4jnxe9cVnLb8)

    Canopy bed

  • @sanjibasenji - Wire crates are best not only in the home but in the car/suv... And really when you stop for potty breaks for you and your pup/adult, should be a short time... not time for you or the family to eat.. again, IMO

  • @tanza

    That's an interesting point of view. I'm curious as to the reasoning for that (not leaving him in the car while eating). My thinking, which may be wrong, was that a dog is crated in a number of situations for its safety and health, but also for the owner's convenience, assuming the latter doesn't conflict with the former.

    So, for example, we don't crate at night; it might be convenient for us at times, but I don't think (contrary to what I previously thought) that it's good for the mental health of this breed.

    However, when we're eating, whether at home or traveling, it's convenient for me to crate him because I just want a break from training him, and in my view, part of essential training includes regular as well as random crate time.

    When traveling, that pays off. When we stop and eat, it seems as reasonable to crate him in the car for an hour, assuming its not too hot or cold. I'm wondering why you think otherwise. Maybe I'm missing something I should know...

  • @sanjibasenji - Well it would depend on where you stop to eat and of course the weather. It it is hot or cold out that is not comfortable for your Basenji. I prefer to keep an eye on the in the car/suv/RV. All depends on when you stop and the location.... Mine have always been crated when traveling...

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