Is she a basenji ?

Can I join??? Where do I sign-up?👍🐾♥

@kembe I'm in!!!! I love all "senjis" so sign me up!!!!!

@jengosmonkey Bless you! I will treasure this always. What an amazingly kind and generous gift!!!

@caaaitlinann I apologize to you as well for high-jacking your post.

To all those with Mix, Faux, and Want-to-be Basenjis, welcome one and all. People like you, willing to open their heart and home to the "not so perfect" by society standards, who make such a tremendous difference. Every animal embraced in a safe and loving forever home is a giant leap towards the day when shelters will be empty and rescue will be unnecessary. I pray I live to see that day.

@morsesa - Why not? People can ask? This site welcomes all.... Yes they might be a mix or not at all, but who cares

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@jengosmonkey I'm thinking about starting a new group on Facebook with this Pic. Do I have your permission to us this photo?

@mrscastro She's your girl. Of course! All I did was make her into a circle and add some lettering using an online decal generator. Have fun!

@mrscastro please let us know when you start the group...I seriously want to join, but also PLEASE keep us posted on THIS site on how your little beauty is doing!!!!!

Faux Senji Club of Planet Earth is open and looking for moderators. I've never done this before.

@mrscastro said in Is she a basenji ?:

looking for moderators

This one's all you @JENGOSMonkey !!

@elbrant I was invited! Very much appreciated too. I don't have any social media accounts. Not a judgement about others. Just a personal choice. This place is it for me. Well... a few other forums too, but those are for different hobbies.

@jengosmonkey I totally understand. Twitter was a big no for me...closed and forgotten. You do what works for you and we'll be your friend no matter what.

Lets clear the deck, if it is not a PURE Basenji, then do not use the word Basenji.....

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Lets clear the deck, if it is not a PURE Basenji, then do not use the word Basenji.....

Care to explain why not? We use the term "Half Arabian" all the time, to describe a horse with Arab blood, there is even a registry. Why should dogs, specifically Basenji crossbreeds, be treated any differently?

OK - Lets design a word that @MorseSA will accept ? If it is a mix, should we just jumble up the letters b a s e n j i ? Trouble is, that has been done as kennel names already so often. Sibjaen hasn't been used though.

We can't halve it, cos there are 7 of them. Base or Enji ?

@morsesa said in Is she a basenji ?:

Let's agree to disagree. You do not wish to see anything other than purebred Basenji. The solution is easy. Avoid posts involving mixes. You won't be offended and in turn won't offend others.

I tried to be kind and understanding, to dig a little deeper in my heart. Now it is your turn.

So... here's my take on the whole Basenji/Basenji Mix/Faux-Senji thing...

I tend to be an optimist. A half full kinda guy, who seeks out the silver lining. I subscribe to the notion that happiness... is a choice.

I love that people pop in to ask if their dog might be part Basenji. Why? Because they've made themselves aware of a Basenji in the first dog gone place! My god, people... it's no secret that Basenjis are NOT popular. They're NOT. I see them everyday because I have two. I have NEVER seen another Basenji in my town of 45,000. EVER! That someone who has a Basenjieque mutt wants to know what it is; has stumbled upon our beloved Basenji and our forum; and has educated themselves about it's gifts, characteristics, behaviors, and health issues when compared to most other popular breeds... why on Earth would would we ever say anything to discourage them?

Most people out-live their dogs. And, they get another one. If a person thought that they had a Basenji mix, or were able to prove that they had a Basenji mix through DNA testing... so what? They loved that dog regardless. It's possible that they might decide to seek out a purebred Basenji for their next dog based on that casual research or DNA evidence.

After losing Jengo my research road led me to a Basenji breeder, who I absolutely adore. She's taught me so much about Basenjis, and she's introduced me to other legendary Basenji breeders. She's became a good friend and an expert that I can lean on. That road led to me being able to become the custodian of two pure bred Basenji Confirmation Champions; a male and a female. This was, in my opinion, in no small part based upon our knowledge and enthusiasm about Basenjis. An owner of a Basenji mix or a Faux-Senji could have achieved the same. The love of the breed is so much more important than any label. I once had an Ausie/mix. He was an Ausie/Border Collie mix. The label helped me appreciate the characteristics, behaviors, and health issues of the this dog... who I loved so very very much.

Most purebred Basenji puppies will not be show dogs. They won't. Most will be pets, companions, which means breeders need pet owners because not all puppies are show quality. Breeders need interested, educated, enthusiastic, responsible, loving homes for puppies. And if that enthusiasm was sparked from a wanabe Basenji, a Faux-Basenji, a Basenji mix, or a rescue Basenji... I don't care. I care that people love a Basenji. If someone "thinks" they have a Basenji, or want to call it a Basenji even if it's not... I don't care. Chances are they have an idea of what a Basenji is. That's what's most important to me. We should be encouraging people to consider Basenjis. Not discouraging them through exclusivity.

@jengosmonkey giving you a long well deserved STANDING OVATION.

This is Max. He was given to my wife for her birthday many Earth orbits ago by her brother and best girl friend at the time. She had always wanted a German Shepherd. Max was described as a German Shepherd mix and was 8 weeks old when she got him. If he was half German Shepherd then the other half was most definitely Basenji. Max could scale a 6 foot fence, he yodeled, but rarely barked. He grew to be the same size as a Basenji, had a curled tail, but he was hairier than a Basenji. My wife says his personality was most definitely Basenji, not German Shepherd. This mutt caused my wife to fall in love with Basenjis. I look at where I am today Basenji wise and it all started with... Max.

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