The Art of Basenjis in the Rain

@chenke Go Zulu! That's even better if he went in voluntarily! Zulu is truly Sanji's BIG brother!

@bernadette Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! Blessings for a quick recovery!

Hi, here's a photo of the life vest. It was an extra small I think. [](link url)

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I have the same Outward Hound life jacket too and I think I have a medium - which would fit an ADULT basenji. Use the size chart - most important measurement for the correct fit is the girth (widest part of the rib cage). 0_1618334648568_111b5d50-a5c3-45c5-a149-f1932bcb40c4-image.jpeg

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@sanjibasenji & @Kembe Thanks you! I like that style. keeps the snout out of the water and has a hefty grab handle across the back. I will measure and order one. 👍


Definitely he will not fit the extra small for much longer. Thanks for the info.

Sanji's swim this week: when recall works 100% every time. Ha!

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I LOVE watching Sanji swim! Go SANJI! ♥🐾🥰

I got my B a raincoat, cut the hood off and he's totally fine in the rain with it. It's funny though that he'll still avoid puddles even through he's standing on wet ground anyway!

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