• Hi, all.:) Sooooo, I'm looking for a possible Basenji sitter for a few days as I'm potentially traveling within the next three weeks. My Buxton is a year old, and, due to these fun COVID times, I've not left him for more than a couple hours since his adoption this past April. I absolutely do not want to board him, and, for peace of mind and heart, I'd prefer to have him in a Basenji home. Buxton is a sweet boy and well behaved, and he'd LOVE to have a playmate for a few days. Anyone relatively close in proximity to Northwest Ohio willing to board my Buxton? If even a remote possibility, please respond to this thread and we can chat by email or phone.:)

  • Here's Buxton ...

  • Have you tried his breeder? If not available or not able to help, try talking to your vet for a home sitter. Best to have a home sitter

  • Is there anyone in your area who does home sitting? When I had to be away I had my dog walkers do the sitting for me. They took turns staying overnight with my boy, walked him in the morning, came back at noon for another walk, gave him an evening walk before staying over, and even slept with him. Not cheap, but worth every penny to me. You may have someone in your area who does this. (I would take him in a heartbeat but you are in the States and I am in Canada!)

  • I'm in Ashtabula.
    Please provide a phone # if you are interested.
    I've been breeding for 45 years and will take excellent care of your baby.

  • Hello Buxton's Dad
    Did you get your B from Jeff G.
    He has my # and can give it to you.

  • Thanks, all!!! Rocky ... looks as if I have some options here locally, but I will certainly reach out if they fall through. And, yes, he's a Klassic Basenji.:)

  • @buxton-s-dad - Hi Buxton's Dad.... what is the breeding on your pup? I have and co-bred with Sue and Jeff... and have some of the kids. Many of us are related by our Basenjis, maybe ours are related?

  • Sire is Dark Moon's Project Mayhem, and dam is Klassic's Merry Jones.😊

  • @buxton-s-dad - Your Boy is a 1/2 brother to our Joy, CH Klassic's Joy Ride to Tanza-Jamaa (GCH Klassic's Slam Dunk x CH Klassic's Merry Jones) and Merry's Mom is Klassic's A Gift from Paris, litter sister to our C-Me, GCH DC Klassic-Tanza Color Me Tri. You can see both on our website, link below! Welcome to the family! If you go to http://www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com/ you can see all the relationships of your boy to ours girls! Also C-Me's litter information and also Joy's litter information! Lots of connections!

  • @buxton-s-dad I remember tracing your boy for inclusion in the database on line and finding two further siblings from that litter.

    So - this morning I went back to the AKC website and discovered two more from this litter have been registered - so I have 5 in all from the 6. They will all appear this evening after I have finished entering all the incoming OFA test results !

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