Broomfield, CO Basenji Sitter Needed

  • Hey, we are going up to Detroit for the weekend of 8/7 and I was wondering if anyone on the forum is around and knows of a dog sitter. We have one that we normally use but she is already booked. We would also be interested to help anyone else in the area by watching their pup or pups!

    Thanks, Elizabeth, Brad, Willow & Barkley

  • Can't help you out there, sorry. But if you need a Basenji fix while you're here, just let me know! lol We live just south of Detroit, and 10 minutes from Metro, if that's how you're traveling. lol

    Enjoy your trip!

  • I doubt it would work but we are about 4 hours away in Snowmass and would consider it if there is any way you could make the trip here. We are from Michigan and are planning a trip to Detroit in October and are working on figuring out a dog sitter for that trip. We have a one-year female. It would be great to trade-out but I think are we are probably too far away from each other.

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