Scottish / English Basenji Sitters ?

  • Hello All ! It's been a while since I have been on - but the work load has been incredible recently.
    Small query, I have to do some research in Switzerland in January (from the 1st) and I was wondering if anyone knew any excellent Basenji sitters in Scotland/England - or better yet, members who want a temporary B for a week and half. 😃 My other half will be away too - and we don't quite trust our friends with Lycia yet so it would be wonderful if anyone has had positive results with a sitter… I'm willing to drive, take a train whatever, pretty much wherever to ensure I don't have to worry about her while I'm gone.

    Many thanks!
    Lauren and Lycia

    P.S. I would be glad to return a basenji sitting favors with my own Basenji sitting 😃

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