Meet Boyd Crowder

We finally were able to pick up our first Basenji puppy yesterday. Many people on this forum were very helpful as we navigated the process. Many of whom do not even know it. We appreciate the help and insights and are looking forward to many years with young Boyd.

DeWayne0_1613340113157_Boyd Crowder.jpg

Definitely a fine looking Basenji.

Very handsome little guy. Yay for your team! 😁👍

Hello Boyd.... welcome!

@dnelon - Let's us know his registered name when you send it in... OK?

WOW! He is ADORABLE! Congratulations and welcome to the Forum! 🐾❤

omgosh! What a cutie!

@tanza said in Meet Boyd Crowder:

@dnelon - Let's us know his registered name when you send it in... OK?

For the time being I will add him to the database as 'Boyd', but that can be changed once he has a registered name and we know his date of birth.

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What a great face!

Boyd is SUCH a handsome boy!!!! Thanks for sharing his picture. You all are going to have SO much fun together!

His official AKC name is Boyd Crowder and his AKC number is HP61660802. His DOB was 12/25/2020.0_1613752699231_59884DFD-5D96-4A2B-9077-97C83A7CA23E_4_5005_c.jpeg 0_1613752778957_C33DBF10-2133-4F7B-BC50-285AD95D677A_1_105_c.jpeg 0_1613752798798_D87BE903-8C8E-40E4-8C16-04AD93D45645_1_105_c.jpeg

HEY! That little dude was born on Christmas! Can't forget that B-Day. 👊 😁 👍

I like the bottom picture. He's obviously learning to care for squirrels. Such a good boy.

@dnelon Thank you ! Actually the number of times the turkey has to go back into the oven while the puppies are whelped on Christmas Day is very high !

Several of you were very helpful when before I picked up young Boyd and know that I had a few concerns due to some things I had read here. For those of you who were so helpful and encouraging I wanted to let you know that Boyd got a clean bill of health at his first veterinary examination yesterday. The vet said that he is "an outstanding example" of a Basenji and that she detected no problems or issues at all. Here is a pic of Boyd I took when we got back in the car after his visit.


@dnelon Ya know... he's got the perfect suit for his name...

The name's Crowder. Boyd Crowder. I'll take kibble, please. Shaken. Not stirred.

I love him! Congratulations on your new puppy, so much fun ahead

Boyd Crowder! Those eyes! That face! Melts my heart!❤

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