• @zande said in Meet Rogue:


    Charmer hasn't been in the show ring yet due to covid.

    "Yes but he hasn’t been in the show ring yet. Her mother is Quick Step or Ginger and she is Oso’s mom and a very dark red which is why yours is such a dark brindle. She is also a Klassy/Tango daughter."

    I'll get you the sire's sire and dam info later tonight.

  • @roguecoyote - Brindles do not get "pips" like a Tri does. This is just the brindle markings.



    They are all champions.

  • @roguecoyote what I need is Rogue's registered name. Or registration number. You already gave the parents.

  • @zande Well, I haven't been sent the registration papers yet, but she should be in as MATA HAURI ROGUE.

  • @nancyss That's funny, because one of the things that struck me about the breed, the first time I saw one in person, (during my interview with the breeder) was that all the adult dogs had this adorable puppy quality about them that just melted my heart. I said it before, but I'm so lucky to have my rogue. What with them only going into heat usually once a year, and the small litter size, I had no idea how long I would have to wait. I have never felt so lucky.

  • @roguecoyote said in Meet Rogue:

    little brindle pips?

    Only time will tell!

  • She is beautiful! so glad you have her in your home and in your heart!

  • @elbrant That one's deffinately on my 80s hits mix tape!

  • Beautiful Girl!!!!
    You should definitely get with your breeder (or a mentor) and try showing, I had zero intentions of showing when I got my two but my Ivy was already showing (I got her at 2 years old) and I agreed to bring her to some shows for the summer for my breeder to try and finish her championship (she did :), and the next thing I knew, poof! I was standing in a show ring going "how did this happen!?!" The truth is my girl is awesome with people and dogs because of all her showing. I started my boy right away in hopes he would turn out as good as her. He is now awesome with people and not quite as friendly as my girl with other dogs but he does know how to behave himself around them. It has definitely made him a much better dog and its really fun to do. You also need to try dome racing-lure course and fastcats, it is just awesome to see them do what they are designed for. I'm also working on some scent work-its still in progress but I think we'll get there....Good luck with your girl, you're going to love showing her off no matter what you do! Such a beauty!

  • @roguecoyote If only more people were as cooperative <sigh>

    She has been registered, along with her 5 siblings and all are now safely in the database. If you go to my signature block, open the database, and ask it for 'Rogue' she is there (or will be shortly) and you can have hours of fun looking through all the lines of her pedigree.

  • @roguecoyote You ARE lucky...and your little rogue will NEVER let you forget it, either! Basenjis are just SO wonderful!!!!!

  • Rogue had her first bark today. Mom was running the vacuum downstairs while I was feeding rogue. She's kinda weird in that she won't eat more than 3/4 of her meals unless I hold her bowl for her. I don't know why. Anyway, so she's eating, and mom turns the vacuum on and rogue starts scratching at the door. So i take her downstairs, and put her down, and she starts playing with the vacuum like its a dog, prancing around it and doing play bows. I wish i had a video. Anyway, so then she surprises us and barks at it, twice. I wish I had treats so i could capture 'speak' but honestly I don't think she would have even taken them at that point. At least now I know she can do something other than squeak. No baroos yet, but i'm still hoping.

  • @roguecoyote A Basenji needs to hear baroos and yodels to keep up the habit, even if they have done it as babes, they do tend to forget. You have to learn to do it, and baroo to her so she hears it and remembers (hopefully) her mother doing it.

    I doubt she barked. It sounds like a bark, but is a single, open mouth sort of cough. Not a closed mouth continuous sound like any other dog. I would begin to worry if Rogue started barking.

    You find some examples on YouTube and learn to yodel at her !😍

  • @zande - My Franie has yodeled 5 times in 11yrs... LOL, my C-Me talks all the time between a Boof/bark type... and a yodel... but only started at 9yrs...her type of bark sounds very much like a bark, but it is a single bark type and has become very vocal in the last 2yrs. In 30yrs in the breed I only had one other that would yodel lots and the other 4 that she lived with couldn't care less... LOL...

  • @roguecoyote - Hello roguecoyote, are you feeding her in his crate? I would suggest that you do not hold the food bowl for him, give him her food and a certain amount to time to finish it. If he doesn't take it away till the next feeding. She will learn to eat what is given her... she need to learn this and not be pampered to eat. How often are you feeding her? At her age 3x's a day is good at this point. Do not pamper her.... if she is hungry she will eat... if she doesn't finish... she is full...

  • Fair enough. I just want to make sure she grows up big and strong. She's so picky we've donated 4 different brands of treats because she just wont take them. I've always had to jump through a lot of hoops to get her to eat. Debbie said I should give her some yogurt or cottage cheese with her food, so I don't like to let it sit out for too long, but I guess I could just toss it in the fridge between meals. How long should I give her to eat? I feed her at 7 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm. She also gets treats for training. I've been really working her training this week. She learned climb yesterday and got up on a little beech bucket. It was so cute! Today because its so cold, I've been doing place cricket (running her back and forth between 2 bases) and i got so I could make her run 4 bases per treat. We got some pupford treats in the mail today, which are healthier than the ones i've been using. She's 12 weeks now, and is starting to slim down quite a bit. She no longer looks like a football after she eats. She's up to around 13 inches at the shoulder.

  • @roguecoyote - Your feeding times are great...AND you are doing a great job with her.. and I am sure that she will be you "heart" dog. I give mine no more than 15minutes tops to eat period and honestly, they finish their meals in less than 3 minutes... LOL... all have mine have eaten this way unless they are not feeling well. Are you using a little canned with her kibble? I know that you don't want to throw out the food but better that then trying to force her to eat. I have had some that had eating problems but still fed them all the same way... when that boy turned 4 he started it eat like a HORSE...LOL. She will eat when given and when hungry. When she is 16 weeks you can cut her back to 2 feedings a day. I give mine yogurt every day (at noon with a couple of cookies) and they eat off a spoon for the yogurt.
    For treats, if you can, get a dehydrator and cook for her for treats. I have done this for years.. I get chicken tenders and pound them thin, then you put them in the dehydrator for 12 hours... cut them up to small bites... another good healthy treat that I use is Truedog, freeze-dried raw turkey, green bean, & Sweet Potato. These are small pieces and mine love these. And also you do not always have to give treats when training... praise and pets work just as well so that she doesn't always think that food treats are coming.
    Know also that she is starting the teething process, so do not be surprised if she goes off her food during this time... and I have found over the years when bitches are teething many times at some point they will totally forget about potty training, doesn't last long, but it happens. Sometimes also their tails might go straight or their ears might not stand straight up... this is pretty normal.
    Keep up the great job you are doing with her!

  • And she can be anything you would like her to be! The more activities the better... they are already hunters (in their DNA)... however you can't change their instinct to catch and kill... again in their DNA. But detector for sure... lure coursing is a great sport for them... and showing if you want. You do need to have mentor to help you through that however. Hopefully your breeder can help with that if that is what you decide.

  • @tanza Oh yes. I give her 1/3 cup blue buffalo puppy kibble, 1 tbsp wet blue buffalo puppy, 1 tbsp yogurt or cottage cheese, (alternating) and if I se any sign of dandruf or dryness in her fur, I also add in a few drops of olive oil. I have chicken and vegetables every night, and I've been preparing my chicken unseasoned since I got rogue so I can use it for training on occasion, so sometimes if she's being stubborn I'll bury some tiny shreds of chicken in her food to get her to eat, or sometimes I'll do the same thing with some other high value treats. I don't feed her in a crate, but I've moved her bowl into my room so she's lessdistracted at mealtime, and she has a safe place to eat when my niece comes over. Rogue plays nice with my niece outside, but indoors, she's kind of a really big squeeky toy, so we have to watch her constantly. I also, on the rarest occasions, will give her a little tiny pinch of american, or sharp cheddar cheese. That seems to get her really excited. She doesn't get excited about cottage cheese, but american or sharp cheddar? She goes nuts. fagedabodit. And she get chews and kongs in the crate, but never meals. And she doesn't spend much time in there anymore since she's been house trained. She just sleeps in my bed. In fact, she's passed out next to me right now.

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