Two blue eyes female Basenji


Thank you!

This sweet girls name is Hazel

😆 HAZEL - is a PERFECT name! She is adorable! 😍

What. A. Sweetheart. Love her right rear thigh. Eyes are just fascinating. Not seeing cream myself, but she's gorgeous. 😊👍

@annejanine She's adorable!! And look, she's already asking for you to let her run without the leash! 😉

Who are her mom and dad ? I should love to trace where Hazel gets her colouring from. And the eyes.

She is still a red and white, even if it is a very pale red. There must be a hint at least in her pedigree of how she happens to have such coloration.


I don’t know much of her story unfortunately. I wish I did! I was told about her from a friend who saw her on Craigslist. The ad was a single mom who didn’t have room to keep Hazel anymore. She was just outside Nashville, TN. When I asked she said she was from her neighbors farm that had Basenjis. I have tried to find this information online after the fact but I don’t see anything about Basenjis in Nashville area when I look online. I tried to reach out to her previous owner once we had her and she disconnected her phone. I ended up searching online to make sure someone didn’t lose Hazel and make sure she wasn’t listed as a lost dog online...
Her previous owner seemed very nice and legit and gave us lots of dog toys and food when we picked Hazel up and seemed genuinely sad to part but I found it odd that she stopped responding to me after we got her.
She’s really been a joy. She’s only 5 months old but has learned so many things very quickly. She loves to sunbath and nap and climb on the couch and furniture. She doesn’t bark. She’s very quiet in general but when she’s sleeping a certain way she snores just a little!

@annejanine curious... has your Vet checked for a microchip?

@annejanine - Yes, she would be red & white.. and seeing that you don't know anything about her pedigree and/or health testing you for sure should have her DNA for Fanconi as this is late onset. This is a cheek swab that you order, swab their cheek and send back. You can learn about Fanconi at The test is 65.00 from and well worth the price since Fanconi is late onset and a deadly affliction. You can also have her DNA tested for PRA (late onset that cause blindness). Go to and choose Fanconi and Basenji PRA. It is important that you know the genetic health for your girl. Both are well worth the price to do these tests. There has been Basenjis with one blue eye (rare).

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We haven’t but that’s a great idea. She has an appointment next week we will check!

Thank you so much I am going to make sure she gets those tests right away

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