Basenjis Don't Fear Noise?

We have a house with a front door, a side door, and a back door. We have a 6' wooden fence around the back yard, not affecting the side or front doors.
Our second pet, Spicer was an inch over standard and used that inch when it served his purpose.

He was VERY afraid of fireworks, and afraid of thunder, but we think he thought they were from the same thing.

Once he was still out as the fireworks started (and it was neighbors) he climbed the fence and was jumping at the back door. Such a good boy, he could've run away.

Captain was afraid of the central vac, I tried to use it when it was nice out and he could run to the way back yard.

Freida was more jumpy around noises she wasn't expecting. She was born that way and stayed that way her whole life. I figured it was because she had quite a bit of African in her none of the others did), and she would need that trait to survive in Africa - I'm just guessing though.

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she is just looking to chase them

omgosh... I took doodle for a bit of off-leash testing at a local park. Off in the distance, a half a football field away, there were some older kids playing with a remote control truck. doodle spotted it and took off after the "squirrel with headlights". I just laughed to myself, but the kids must of have seen her bolting towards the toy. Suddenly the truck was aimed at doodle and heading towards her... the minute she realized it, she turned and ran full speed the other direction! LMAO I had to reassure her that I was "right here" about four times before she stopped to look for me. So funny!!

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Captain was afraid of the central vac, I tried to use it when it was nice out and he could run to the way back yard.

My boy Sunny was afraid of the central vac when I got him. It literally scared the sh*t out of him the first time I ran it when he was around. Not sure it was the loudness, maybe the suction sound, but we worked on it until I could feed him his dinner in his bowl surrounded by the hose of the vac with it running, so we cured that little phobia. Much easier to do with something you can control, unlike thunderstorms.

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My little guy is not afraid of loud noises, in fact seems to really like them. Absolutely loves a lawn mower and electric drill. However, he will get startled if something is dropped nearby or a quick unexpected sound is nearby...but it is not fear and he goes right on. This has been true for him right from the start at 7 weeks when he came home. Totally fearless of anything.

Sounds like your house is kept cleaner than mine!

Logan is fearful of "things" in my hand. A screwdriver, a hanger, a tape measure and things like that. At first I ignored it. I mean, I gotta get stuff done. No time to park. Then I rethought that. If I walk in with something that he alerts to I stop, take a knee, set it on the floor, and invite him to come over and sniff it. Then tell him, "See! It's not gonna eat you." He get's better all the time.

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I have two basenjis, and they've never shown fear of loud noises

Mine don't either - but that is because they were bomb-proofed from the word go ! From tiny puppies born in the kitchen - saucepans were dropped, radio was permanently on, doors slammed - sometimes deliberately. Anything to accustom puppies to loud bangs.

It goes along with socialising from the earliest possible moment.

Responsible breeders will socialise their pups and if possible, bomb-proof them too.

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Sounds like your house is kept cleaner than mine!

Actually, no! I probably did more vacuuming desensitizing Sunny than I ever did before or since! Mostly my Basenjis ignored or were annoyed by the vacuum. Before the central, I used to have an upright, and Tamu would attack the bag when it inflated. Other than that, they would generally find a spot on the couch and survey my efforts with a baleful eye. You are disturbing my nap!

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When we brought our now 6 month home we were still finishing some building work, so she experienced lots of power tool noises and trades people coming in and out of the house. It was also the summer and we live near a small airport and underneath a flight path so she saw and heard light aircrafts and helicopters very close by several times per day and stopped noticing them.

As we had mice at the time we needed to hoover every night so she got used to that too, so much so that she enjoys a massage by it, which helps with any shedding!

She didn't notice the fireworks and I hope it stays that way!

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I've been involved with Basenjis for many years and can only remember one occasion where one Basenji was startled by one particular noise ( ice cream mixer van starting up), otherwise they seem completely immune to noises even the loudest ones. Of course there will always be the odd exception.

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