Logan & Monkey Training Journey

So Logan is doing really well, in my opinion. But that’s suspect cause.... well, still not entirely sure what I’m doing. The easy leader showed up with the DVD. I was able to size it correctly, but he pretty much hates it. I’ve slowed down and have been feeding him treats to allow me to get his head Into it and I’m having him eat his meals in it per the DVD, but he doesn’t like walking in it while on a lead. Treats make no difference. He refuses treats when he’s walked in it. So, I’ve slowed down and am having him wear it, but am not asking him to walk in it anymore yet. Just want him to get comfortable it per the DVD.

Good news is he’s learned to sit! He won’t sit on the tile because he slides, but once I have him on the carpet... every single time. He wants his treat, but I’ve started to alternate with just lost and lots of praise. He’s doing it.

Also, I allow him to get to the end of the Flexi lead and then call him “Logan, come!” Then reward him when he comes all the way to me. He comes all the way back to me almost every time now. If it’s just he and I in a controlled low stimuli area it’s every time. I alternate between treat/praise and praise only. If we’re near squirrels or other trail smells it’s a little more hit and miss. More miss than hit.

My next goal is to start working on stay. I went through my dog stash and found a long training lead and will start him in the backyard first, then move to the park in front of our house. Once he has that down we’ll move to the trail.

I’ve never had a dog this eager work with me. I wish my Dad lived closer. He could train me. But, we’ll get there.

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Training "Stay" should not be a big deal though you'll need to constantly reinforce it. Doing it 15 times won't work, and doing it 50 times until the command works and then forgetting about it won't work either.

No need for a lead. And it will likely work better with a clicker. Nothing magical about a clicker but you can more quickly and precisely reinforce the behavior, which gets more important as you move further away. Spend a day associating the click with the treat. This is pretty simple. Then have him sit and give the stay command. Move a bit away. Doesn't have to be far. Even a lean will work. When the stay is there click and then move back to give the treat. Best to keep focus, so if the look is away wait for it to come back.

Gradually move further and further away. At some point you may be 15-20 feet away when you click and then go back and give the treat. This is usually not a tough sell because, from a Basenji perspective, nothing beats getting treats for just sitting there. Should be a fairly quick train. It's one of the easier ones to teach.

Moving a Basenji to a trail is problematic. Their DNA says independent hunter. Huge difference with commands in an enclosed space and when they see a rabbit in an open area. Once they start after prey they lose their hearing. LOL

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