• We're in the middle of potty training our 2 new adult basenjis. Of course the rain & the cold has been a problem with going potty…neither of them want to "go" So I try to hold an umbrella (while I get we) so that they can feel dry but the wet ground bothers them too.

    Here's my question....Is it worth buying some type of rain coat?? And what about water proof booties??

    Topaz (my female) gets cold & hates to go out when it's cold. She will literally lay down in her crate & has NO interest in going outside. What a warm coat worK??

    What do I do??

  • I don't think it could hurt to try the coat, I picked up two cheap ones at Old Navy on sale for $6.99. You may want to check there.

    My Zahra shivers when we go outside and it is cold so she didn't seem to mind the jacket when I put it on her and we went outside. While we were inside she was playing with it almost like she was chasing her tail! LOL!

  • Hi, I have 2 pups, a purebred Basenji male just going on 3 and a female 1/2 Basenji and 1/2 Aussie, both hate the rain! NO I mean they hate anything wet, :eek:, rain, dew, puddles if its damp they will not go out! The male acts silly when I put the leash on him to go out, lifts his feet up before he even gets onto the grass; one foot and then the other, and he whines asking to be picked up! Silly boy!
    The female will go out but will not stay out long, so to keep my sanity, I use an umbrella, but I also have a lower basement hall with a cement floor, about 3ftx5ft, and I put down boku paper for them if they will not go out!
    It is easier to just pick up coats and boots, if yours will keep them on! My two ate them, the boots not the coats.:)

  • You're going to put a coat and boots on the dogs so they can go out to pee? that just seems silly to me. my dog hates the rain too, but it's not up for discussion, or negotiation. outside to potty, rain or shine. and he can stand there looking as sad and miserable as he wants, he knows to get back inside where it's warm & dry, he'd better go fast…. so he does.

    don't get me wrong, my dog HAS boots and coats - for outside play or walks in cool or snowy weather. I don't suit him up whenever he has to go potty though.

  • Nala won't go out in the rain if she doesn't have to (that is, we toss her out into the yard and close the porch gate!)…but seriously, she will do her business on the front porch rather than get her feet wet. We have the coat, boots, etc. and she's not going outside in the rain. Period.

  • Sahara hates the rain and cold weather also, but she knows when I put that lease on to go out and potty she better make it fast if she wants to go in. I do sometimes if it is raining hard take an umbrella. If I just leave it up to her she will go out with me calling her to only stay on the steps, silly girl!!! I put her lease on and it's business, sometimes she fakes smelling up to the concret, and then tries to make a fast dash to the doggie dog, I just hang on and say, No, you have to potty Sahara. I do give her a treat when she goes outside in the rain, and I praise, praise, praise her. These B's are so smart, she amazes me. 😃

  • They do have us well trained!!! (Well, most of us, Jessi76 😉

  • Some of you know I am a n00b here as I just joined today, but I find that I am getting absolutely no work done due to this forum. 😃

    I was told prior to adoption that my Tucker was averse to rain and water. However, since I've had him (almost 3 months now), I've managed to bathe him (tub with shower wand), take him for leaks in the rain and just last weekend I had him playing in a creek in a public park. Granted, he didn't submerge himself but he got in the water about half the distance from the feet to the belly. Seems like a pretty decent leap from 'hates the rain and water in general'. I think it took me going in first, but I was clever enough to stay on the rocks!! 🆒

    When I was a kid, my family had a female. We lived on a lake. THAT one LOVED the water. Didn't have any problems with leaping into the lake to keep us company. I think the key to a water-friendly Basenji is simply exposure and time…

  • <_>

    I agree, and also individual differences. One of ours loves to play in the sprinkler...one screams if the drops touch her...shrug!_

  • Ugghhh, we had rain for the first time here this year (first time with Alani). She didn't mind the snow at all so I didn't think the rain would be any different. Wow, was I wrong. The minute she walked out the door (we live in an apartment and the stairs are covered) she tried weaseling herself out of her harness and would not budge. It's like she SMELLED the wetness. Even after it stopped she refused to go outside for 2 days. Eventually she went outside but would not step foot on the grass. It was a little weird having her squat in the middle of the parking lot.

  • Shadow absolutely hates going outside period! He goes out in the morning and at night and maybe once during the day (unless the dreaded squirrels are teasing him). Basically, I have to throw him out too. Sugar will go out when it's wet, but she comes right back in!

  • i always thought it would be a great idea to have an overhang over the grass for rainy days….

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