• Hello everyone,

    I’m from Luxembourg and I’ve been looking for a breeder in the last few months around Luxembourg. All the breeders have been telling that they don’t have any puppies available.

    I looked at France, Germany, Belgium and France.

    Does anyone have any recommended breeders?

    Thank you in advance

  • @actuallydamon - Not from Europe, however same breeding times as the US and most all responsible breeders have reservations lists for planning breedings this year. Pups are typically born Nov/Dec/Jan. So you might be looking and the Fall of 2021

  • cast your hunt further. World wide. We lived in Hawaii and found our love from New Zealand . Got it for $2,000 counting air cost.
    stafford morse

  • I'm with Tanza zbout breeding times. I've had three basenjis; two were born in December and the third one in April. I still belong to the Swedish Basenji Society, and when their magazine publishes news about new litters, almost all of them were born in December. If you want a puppy, I think you are looking at the fall of 2021. Having said that, I'm sure there are young basenjis (not puppies) for sale year around.

    Good luck.

  • @actuallydamon This time of year, nobody in the Northern Hemisphere expects to have puppies, although there are a few summer litters, probably under 5%.

    Basenji girls have one season a year normally, starting about now. So puppies will be born around Christmas (a surprising number of litters require the turkey to be put back in the oven. . . ) and ready to leave the nest late February / early March.

    Go to my website and read some of the articles on it (see signature block) and then email me privately and I will put you in touch with a breeder or two. ALL responsible breeders will subject you to Third Degree Interrogation so it is best to be prepared. . .

  • @zande

    I’ve sent you an email at zandebasenjis

    Thank you

  • Interesting that 2 of my Basenjis were born in August, and 1 in November, so you never know.....but yes, usually December, and my Perry was born on Boxing Day. I think canvassing breeders for young dogs that have not worked out in a breeding program or that have been returned for some reason can sometimes find you a dog at this time of year.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @eeeefarm We have had more than our fair share of summer litters but that is extremely rare. And Ok might be true in USA but across Europe I doubt Damon would find a youngster such as you suggest. 'Finished' show dogs are very seldom passed on too.

    I have put him in touch with a couple of the best people to help him get onto a waiting list

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