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I am not sure what you mean by two ends Of the toughness spectrum. Can you please say more?

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Hello everyone,
The post title sums us up rather well, but if y’all are like us, you’ll want details;)

We’re looking to add a Basenji to our family. We have a Havanese pup now, will be adding a cat soon, and a Basenji in about two years when the Havanese and the cat are adults. Our reasoning is that a Basenji pup is more likely to assimilate other adult pets into its pack. And we’re largely here to learn from all the insight and advice you guys have for us.
We’re taking out Havanese to be patient and will be doing our research and adopting a mellow cat breed. We want to set up all of our furry family members for success. And that’s we’re here a couple of years early to ensure our Basenji has the best chance with us and so that we are as prepared for it as we can be.

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