• I was shocked! I still can't hardly believe it! 😲

    I had filled doodle's bowl and was absentmindedly moving about before getting over to my desk (yes, we eat at my desk). Doodle must have gotten a bit fed up that I was just holding her dish and not giving it to her... because she "woofed!" As if to say, "put my bowl down!" LOL

    It was only a one syllable "woof". And it was the most beautiful sounding bark I've ever heard!

  • Congratulations. Now she knows how to get our attention! If you give a treat when it happens it will happen a LOT more often, if you're looking for that. My wife has our oldest female do three short serenades before she gets her meal.

    The serenades are a a story. They can be happy or sad -- sad as in "don't you know what time it is?" Woofs usually come when there's a surprise.

    Enjoy your new vocalizations!

  • All three of mine would only bark when they hear an unusual noise, like an intruder outside or something falling over in another room. Very useful as you know something is up!

  • Sorry to disappoint you, but Doodle didn't actually bark ! What you heard was the Basenji equivalent - a single syllable open mouthed cough. Something they will all do if frustrated (you delayed her food LOL), backed into a corner, scared or surprised by something scary.

    Normal dogs barking - watch them, it ends with the mouth closed. And is seldom just a single sound.

    A Basenji when apparently giving tongue with what sounds like a bark - mouth ends up open.

  • Ha. Nice! Kevin sometimes makes a barking sound as well. And it's always very deliberate, like she's speaking a foreign language and wants to make sure the pronunciation is right. One very dramatic bark.

    I love her 'wawauw' noises the most. She hasn't yodeled yet, but having listened to them online, I hope she never will. 😂

  • @zande said in doodle barked!:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but Doodle didn't actually bark !

    Whatever it was... it was beautiful! And perfectly timed!

  • Of course !! She was telling you off !!!

  • @elbrant - My C-Me does the same.... depending on what she is "demanding" it turns into a yodel... LOL!

  • Most of my Basenjis have barked at one time or another, but typically when startled or frightened. When frustrated or amused or annoyed, then generally a yodel. When they bark it is one bark, possibly repeated (if a threat is perceived), but never barks strung together. Lady never barked when she saw something upsetting outside, but she would run around the house and "huff" audibly.

  • The point is, not that it barked, but that it gave the typical Basenji open mouthed single 'bark' when any other breed gives a closed mouth multiple sound -

  • Prince has never barked...he does give a long sound that sounds like our air conditioner is going out. He also talks very vocally...it is multiple, very gutteral, hoarse sounds he will make while looking directly at us. Have no idea what he wants but he is really telling us off. There are many pitches involved and we always laugh.

  • @zande Interesting. I've never watched when we've heard the 'alert' barks. I might have to leave a camera recording 24/7 to catch this (thankfully, very few alerts these days...). I've previously noted that it is single - and a lot easier on the ears than a 'real' bark.

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