• :eek: We had a barbecue today, with lots of people and activity. For much of the day Keoki was crated {much to his noisy dismay} or on a leash. He couldn't run free because there were many kids, horseshoes being tossed, badminton games, etc.
    At any rate, it was a busy, crazy day with lots of new people.

    Afterward he was sleeping on Gypsy's bed when our kids came noisily down the stairs. He started, then BARKED several times at them until they came closer and he was sure who they were. REAL BARKS – like a DOG!!! Cracked us up. He did it again about an hour later when our kids were coming back down the stairs.

    My daughter said "Call Bryan. Our Basenji is broken! It barks" 😉

    I think it was a result of the crazy, busy day and all the strangers {combined with the fact that this dog is scared of his own shadow 😃 }. But it'll be interesting to see if it happens again.

  • It happens 🙂 It seems to happen the most when they are very tired, and startled out of sleep at our house.

  • When Caesar was young he barked once at a shopping cart in the parking lot across from our house. It was moving towards us in the wind. He was definately scared. They are quite funny arent they?

  • I don't know if I would call what a few of ours do as a bark…....more of a woof.:)

  • We've had the "woof" a few times before from Jazz when startled, but this was a definite barking and it went on for several seconds until Keoki was sure that those people coming down the stairs were indeed his own.
    Not a "woof", but a "rawr, rawr-rawr-rawr, rawr" kind of thing.

  • Athena will bark, but she has to work up to it. We have taught her a couple of tricks, one of them being 'Talk'. Every once in a while when you ask her to talk (preferably with a cookie nearby) she will wag and wiggle for a while and then Arf-cough-bark.

    Sounds more like a fox bark though, kind of dry.

  • Luke barks sometimes…Usually when someone knock into the door, or when somebody opens my door when it closed...

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