My basenji ate a piece of bark

Do you think he will be alright? do i need to get him to barf it out or come out the other end lol? i dont know what to do

The things they get into πŸ™‚
Honestly, if I were you, i'd keep a really close eye on your B. Check for signs of distress and if you notice anything strange in their behavior/stool/breathing, jet to the vet.

bout half a golfball i just put in some rice and water, i was told rice was the best thing because it is easy to digest and ingest and one treat cut up in lil tiny pieces to make him more willing to eat it, he eats fine and hasnt pooped yet and i am keeping a close eye on him

You're doing the right thing, just keep an eye on him.

Yes, it is very interesting what they will eat… my puppies whenever I had a litter would always, always chew on my catus plants... yikes!!!!!

Basenji Mix

How is tree bark a bad thing to eat? Our trees are all oak. Are they poisonous? Duke & Daisy are usually going after the same limb that fell from trees above to lay and chew on. I've thought they were cheap entertainment - like a toddler and an appliance box. Half a golf ball size seems little to me - good fiber. Wouldn't the body digest it as an organic material?

the kind of bark it was, was redwood

but i dont know if thats poisonous, or not

i think the issue would be if a splinter would get into the intestines, they could cause damage. Maybe?

Its been 2 days and every thing is alright! hes fine he eats fine goes to the bath room fine everything!

You can always check to see if the plant is poisonious or not on the ASPCA's website, they have a list of toxic things to dogs and if you are still concerned you can call the animal poison control phone number and speak with a vet on duty (know this from experience with my Fajita vegtable eating Puggle 😞 )

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